20 August 2009

Deep Calling Deep

I wonder about some of the things people post on the web. Especially the cryptic bloggers who post things like. . .

Obscuratist Gravy Lovers. Bosh! This implies the existence of potatoes in a mashed sense. Smoke means fire. The spuds. . .they lurk.

Then they get poetic and write

Not all who have eyes do see
Nor all who wander are lost
Not every plant cometh from seed
Yet all are touched by the frost

Apparently, these guys don't go out much in public and have far too much free time.

01 August 2009

Pseudo Cats

I don't know the name of the wise guy who set up the life-sized styrofoam mountain lion by the running trail this morning...nor do I care...but you sir are w-r-o-n-g wrong.