12 April 2014

For Sale

Dear Friends,

 I am selling my neighbor's dog.

 It's big, furry, brown, and has four legs. As for breed type...it's a cross between the Hound of the Baskervilles and Cerberus.

 She...does...not...know...it...is...for ...sale!

Ideally the new owner will live out-of-town in a telephone-pole free area with little chance of seeing one of those pesky 'Lost Dog' signs.

Cash only or trade for a case of Dr. Pepper.

Friday Filosophy: If people define a situation as real, it is real in its consequences.

Unfortunately, reality is sometimes frequently inaccurate.

This is useful to know when dealing with the mentally ill and should also help you cope with facts that aren’t terribly congruent with everybody else’s unique social construction of reality.

Someone once said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is ...he.”

This is truer than true since, if you think about it, nobody is youer than you. For when you try to be youer than you, merely thinking about being youer than you can only make you…youer than you…in the most profound sense.

This is not always easy.

For example.

Once, I tried very very hard to put the Conceivable Means Achievable theory to practical use. I envisioned myself as a chicken (I’ve always wanted to have wings.) Two weeks later my therapist told my mom to cut this nonsense out. Mom said, “She’d think about it, but we needed the eggs.”


Hello All,

 I have a marsupial problem. In my latest construction project...this would be a small castle...a medium-sized opossum has dug himself a rather large hole in the middle of the soon-to-be brick patio. I told Clarence, (Clarence is his name), he has to move, but this morning he crawled back in his burrow. I briefly toyed with the idea of pulling him out by the tale, but the last time I met one of these creatures it hissed at me. Wacking it on the head with a shovel seems a bit extreme.



The semi-parallel stretch marks stopping moments before the perpendicular are a sub-conscious manifestation of the artist's struggle to cope with abstract reality in a concrete fashion. He is clearly feeling angst. This angst is what one would expect when one rejects the objective nature of the universe and tries to superimpose a false grid of subjectivism.

That...or he was drunk.

Photo by Beth Keener somewhere near Winchester, VA.