29 June 2009


Once upon a time there were two kingdoms; The Land of the Bear and the Land of the Eagle.

The first kingdom was ruled by an evil tyrant with a pointy black beard.
The second kingdom was ruled by a three-headed monster.

Both kingdoms believed in equality, but some people were more equal than others.

The pointy-bearded leader of the Bears ruled by inflicting pain upon the masses whom he called the Proletariat. This made them cold, hard, and uncaring.
The Eagles' leader ruled by inflicting pleasure upon the masses whom it called the Working Class. This made them fat, lazy, and stupid.

The first kingdom tried to control people by banning books and erasing pictures of non-conformers in textbooks.
The second kingdom tried to control people by giving them everything they wanted and told them to get as much as you can.

Starvation and boredom became common in the Bear country.
Obesity and carelessness became common in the Eagle country.

The population didn't believe in much of anything in the first kingdom.
People believed anything in the second kingdom.

Both kingdoms were superpowers at the time due to the fact their earliest settlers were made of iron. But, somehow clay got mixed in with their descendants toes and made walking steady hard to do.

Neither kingdom fell in a day, rather, they gradually disintegrated into parts.

Sometime later, a massive stone or perhaps a large bulldozer, (things get sketchy here,) came by and flattened the two kingdoms so that everything was forgotten. Then, a new city was built in their place and it stands until this day.

I think it was because it was founded upon a better foundation.

27 June 2009

Mind Control

Virtual Reality is the world's answer to spiritual poverty.

When people refuse to acknowledge true reality, they will (they must) concoct a false reality that is acceptable to their own self-interests, dreams, and desires. This doesn't mean one's imagination is a bad thing. On the contrary, imagination is a good thing, especially if one writes science-fiction. Sometimes people believe abstract thinking is bad and daydreamers are wicked reprehensible creatures. Which is nonsensical as any mathematician or theoretical physicist will tell you.

The fact is, most of what is real is not seen. Blaise Pascal wrote,

"The whole visible world is only an imperceptible atom in the ample bosom of nature. No idea approaches it. We may enlarge our conceptions beyond an imaginable space; we only produce atoms in comparison with the reality of things. It is an infinite sphere, the centre of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere."

He's right and everybody knows he's right. To pretend otherwise is to repress the intuitively obvious and eventually go mad.

A society populated by a crazy majority cannot last for long until chaos comes. Fortunately, there are tranquilizers to relax troubled minds and take the blues way.

Now you see why television and universal health care are popular themes.

26 June 2009

R.I.P. little buddy

Weeping, mourning, donning sackcloth and ashes. I can't believe the king of pop is no longer with us. Man. . .I really miss New Coke.

22 June 2009

Shadow Men

People who constantly strive to please others by trying to be who everybody else thinks they should be do not really know their own self. As a result, they busy themselves since busyness helps their mind disregard the clanging sound of their inner turmoil. It is a vain attempt to quiet the confusion of their inner self.

When one works for quantity instead of quality, tries to do more than is right, he misses the point of Life and becomes miserable. Years of mindless activity causes one to dig a rut, and like a hamster running on it's treadmill, leads to a meaningless existence. America is full of men such as this leading lives of quiet desperation. You can see it in their eyes. It's difficult for them to focus and concentrate. Thinking turns into endless daydreaming, their instincts overrule their mind, and at the end of life their obituary should read What Might Have Been.

A man doing what he is not designed to do undergoes a type of living death. He's a zombie, a machine, and little more than an animal. He lurches forward in bits, scrabbling to-and-fro wherever the wind blows, and inevitably wears down. He grows weary of well-doing instead of doing well. But all men need to do something in Life, for this is the proper function of a soul. Sluggishness and slothfulness lead to stagnation of the spirit. Later, the spirit dries up and the resulting inactivity leads to an early grave.

A man doing what he ought to do will accomplish more than he thinks possible. This is because God placed this desire into his spirit, as part of His Will, and due to something like inertia-the man will keep going forward although sometimes not under his own power.

One must not look at one's self when working for doing so makes one's movements choppy and robotic. You become less human and very odd. You must be yourself, not watch yourself.

Staring at yourself in the mirror of your soul is gazing at something best seen by others. What is invisible to me must remain invisible to me lest I be tempted to make myself into a god.

A man doing God's Will casts a shadow of himself from God's light (or God's glory) since man was designed in the image of God. Watching yourself too closely or doing something you're not supposed to do is to remove yourself from the light thus blurring your vision. Now, two shadows are seen and after time, one forgets which is real and both shadows fight one another to decide who is the real man. This inner bickering manifests itself in the constant need to argue with others. Such a man is not happy because he doesn't know who he really is, has no purpose, and must depend on other's opinions to have anything like a real self. It's a direct result of the confused shadow men-simple cause and effect.

It is best for a man to forget himself and do God's Will. A man performing God's Will is like a spring-constantly bubbling forth and bringing life to others.

Do you see a selfish man? He is never satisfied living in the desert of his own desires. He drinks and is never satisfied for the water he drinks comes to him sporadically. He craves more and more, even stealing from others, and dries up eventually as a dusty cocoon wrapped up in himself.

"This is morbid", you say. It is. So, let a man listen to the voice of God, forget himself, and in time he will bring life to others. It's part of the Natural Law you know.

18 June 2009

Descent in Ferality

Another effect of a falling society is an increase in boorish behavior. Manners do, in fact, manner. Coarseness is a characteristic of disorder. Unkemptness goes hand in hand with anarchy. Rudeness, lewdness, and mindless obsessions (such as excessive gaming and gettin' tattoo'd) are more signs of barbarism.

Take a look at this creature. This guy somehow managed to accidentally. . .somehow. . .tattoo 56 stars on a girl's face. I can hardly stand to look this pic. It should be intuitively obvious this guy isn't playing with a full deck.

Does not the very nature of his countenance tell you something is seriously wrong here?

'Ah, Jason, but that's just you're opinion.'

In a way, you're right. But I like to think my opinion is based upon Reason and objective principles.

Ultimate fighting, no matter what you think of it, thrives in barbaric cultures. While there certainly is a need to defend yourself, elevating fighting to a national pastime is a little ridiculous.

The trend we see in modern America leads from human to animal. More and more people are acting like beasts rather than acting like God. People are not living according to their spirit (their highest nature) and are being led by their lowest nature (their body or carnal nature.)

One of the purposes of the body-it being composed of matter-is simply to interact with the universe. But driving the car the wrong way inevitably leads to a wreck.

Unless something very significant happens soon, and I'm sure there will be, one of two things will happen.

1-America will turn into a totalitarian state or 2-She will turn into a large mob. Either way, the end result will be complete chaos.

I have hope for the good ol' US of A. Not a lot of hope in people, but hope in God. I hope God has mercy on this land and the country comes to their senses-quick.

16 June 2009

Random Pensees

(1) You cannot change, nor should you try to change, a person's will. To do so is inhumane. God himself doesn't change a person's will and He knows what is best. You can persuade a person and hope they'll change their mind, but that's it.

Another thing.

Too much wooing is disrespectful to both parties. It annoys the woo-ee and degrades the woo-er. This is a good definition of woeful. There's an optimal amount of sugar that helps the medicine go down, but too much honey makes you vomit.

(2) A society that craves nothing but pleasure and lives for nothing else is ripe for tyranny. Making pleasure the end result or goal of Life is just asking for a totalitarian regime.

First comes Democracy. Then comes Socialism. Next comes the dictator in a baby carriage.

Sometimes a pleasure-seeking society skips the tyrannical government and goes straight to chaos. In times past, this was when the barbarians and warlords came visiting during the night. Generally during the drunken revelries, orgies, and post-Thanksgiving dinners.

Whether the tyranny comes or no, the end result is still chaos.

(3) One of the main purposes of Art is to move the soul (your mind, will, emotions, intellect.) To shift the soul's perception and see the parts of Reality not always visible. Art should help people see a part of nature they've never perceived before, and in doing so, see an orderliness or facet of God's nature. This is the difference (and there are others) between good art and bad art. A man who is not moved by good art is spiritually dead or numb due to his own self-interests.

Good art is also a primary vehicle to speak to people who don't God as it affects their nature in a way words do not. Not everyone is persuaded the same way. Some need good music, some need good movies, some need good books, others need a logical exposition. To think there is only one way to persuade people is to severely limit your mind.

15 June 2009

God's Will

I think all people, whether they want to or not, perform the will of God. Whether or not their will is God's will is another matter entirely. I'm not saying God's will is easy. It's best and for our good. To go your own way, even with good intentions and perhaps more pleasure, is still not best. All Christians should have a good idea what God wants for them. If they don't, then they've not been talking with God. For to prefer your own way in spite of knowing God is really to not know God and distance yourself from Him. If you like somebody, it makes sense you take time with them and listen to what they have to say. Doubting God is the direct result of not knowing God.

Everything God wills for a person cannot be known obviously, but I think he sets up signs (even if we don't understand them at first) to keep us on the straight and narrow. Now the thing is, you can convince yourself you're on the right path in Life quite easily. You can even make up signs. Especially if you have an overly logical bent. You know, or feel, uneasy and somewhat confused because you're trying to swim against the flow of the Holy Spirit. You have doubt. Not always in abundance, but if you have this persistent gnawing in your innermost being saying, "This isn't quite right," you should stop and listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Bungling ahead isn't good and should you continue rambling ahead, doing what you shouldn't do (or are supposed to do) you're wasting you're time and will experience a great deal of frustration and heartache. Going you're own way may even be easier for a time, but eventually at the end of your days, you'll find out how meaningless it all was.

What you do in Life should be meaningful and productive. A man can spend years doing something important with good intentions, yet still be at odds with the maker of Life.

Doing what you're designed to do isn't necessarily the most pleasurable thing in the world, but it will definately be the most fulfilling. You can think of it as building a city. Each person has their own job to do. To do somebody else's job is to hurt the city as a whole. Not doing your assigned task impedes progress and slows production. Everything is just a little less efficient than it could be.

10 June 2009

Sassafras Tea

Monday, I decided to do a little gathering and hunting. The result was homemade sassafras tea.

These are Sassafras tree roots, dug and pulled from the Earth in 21st century America, and washed with a toothbrush.

Homemade honey. Bought from a wild-looking character from the Morgantown farmer's market. (Come to think of it. . .is honey ever anything other than homemade? Bees make it.)

The roots are then boiled in water until its dark red. Then, its filtered through paper towels, to get rid of dirt particles and microscopic creatures, fungus hyphae, and mixed with honey. The result is a very earthy-tasting sassafras tea.

02 June 2009

Nothing Much Ado

Moving. Again. For the. . .what, 17th time this decade?

I moved this week.

This is a short-term apartment lease for a couple of months long-story please don't ask me any details but it has something to do with the government not funding certain programs I am involved with that requires a certain amount of silence on my part to help maintain the peace kind of situation. Got that?

(If the above isn't a run-on sentence, I don't know what is.)

The new temporary place is most cool. The builders took every available place and put a cabinet, closet, or bed into it. My bed actually is attached to the wall. You simply move a latch and lower it to the floor. The bathroom has a fold-up ladder that drops down from the ceiling to enter the attic. And it's all built close to the ground, and partially underground, so that the effect is a little like Bilbo Baggin's hobbit hole.

The place makes me want to write an adventure story in runes.

I should post some pictures as soon as I find which sock I put my camera in.

Long story. . .