27 July 2009

A Shadow of Reality

When looking through a glass darkly, you can see refracted images of what somebody truly looks like. You see a shadow of reality. When the image is very clear this resonates with your spirit and you feel a kindred, homely, warm feeling.

This is one reason why people fall in love.

This can only happen by seeing the spirit of a person, not their bodily image. It is true that the eyes give a penetrating glance into the soul, but one must keep in mind this is only a refracted image of the inner flame, not the spirit itself.

I've noticed most people have a murky image due to a sleepy or comatose spirit. A person who is intimate with God has a certain intensity of being-a radiant countenance-that attracts people due in part to the Natural Law. All people see this radiance intuitively, even if they cannot articulate why. As things come to a point, this line of demarcation will become more manifest. The Good will keep getting better and the Bad will increase their dullness of bearing. When logic, persuasive arguments, and even the Bible fail to attract people to God, and people become more animal-like and grow feral, their instincts will be relied on more and more. Then they will be drawn to the radiant ones.

I think this plan has already been written down in a book somewhere.

22 July 2009

Life ain't easy being blue

"Ya know. . .life as an Oh!Bo ain't easy. Sure, everybody sees you as cooler than cool. But just because you're tall, dark, thin, and have lots of bright shiny silver bling things-you still sound funny when spewing hot air."

"I guess it takes some gettin' used to that hollow reedy sound."

--anonymous woodwind instrument being played for all it's worth

20 July 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Hysteria

I decided to forgo my usual lunch of nothing and eat something at this actual place called Quaker Steak and Lube. QS & L (half restaurant and half Jiffy Lube) is an actual place in the good section of the bad side of town. The theory being since it takes so long to change your oil, you might as well make a day of it.

I ordered the lunch special which consisted of a steak sandwich, fries, Mt. Dew and up to 5 quarts of 10W-40 and noticed some handwriting on the wall that read 'Semper Gumby' meaning 'always flexible.' I felt it all fitting here in the last days of Babylon.

"Yep," said the old guy running the cash register. "Yep, yep. . .yep."

Unfortunately, this was all he said. He seemed to have trouble with the register, so another fellow came out and stared at it. "uh-huh," said he as he pecked some numbers.

"Yep, yep, yep."


"Yep. . .yep. . .yep."

"Uh-huh. . .uh-huh."

Then I had a vision of these fellows.

And then it all made sense.

11 July 2009

The Musician

My co-worker, Dan, was excited about his band's newest CD called 'Untitled Track #1' which consists of long stretches of silence interspersed with random background noise. Dan is a gifted musician of sorts and although his CD is nothing short of genius, it's not selling as well as he'd expected. I told him new genres in art take take to develop and some, well, take very long to develop. But Dan has hope. . .lots of hope and little change.

"Lunch is on me," I said

He smiled and said, "Thanks." And explained how he has converted his bathroom into a small aquaculture facility to make ends meet. He grows bluegill and trout for food and toothpicks.

"The bluegill live in the tub and the trout live in the commode," he said.

"Why don't you just put both in the tub?" I asked.

"Trout and bluegill fight a lot in the wild. Don't want no piscine war going on in there you know. Fighting inhibits growth."

"I see," and made a mental note to talk to the supervisor about having better background checks on future employees. (I work in a chemistry lab,btw. Think lots of mixing chemicals, titrating acids, and dangerous fumes.)

"Where do you bathe?"

"I take sponge baths. Shampoo is too toxic on your skin's natural oils-makes you age quicker by hydrolyzing skin proteins. It also has excellent anti-microbial qualities."

They say knowledge is power, and too much knowledge is dangerous. What they don't say is too much knowledge is powerfully confusing and leads to many stinking situations.

Dan continued, "Did you know in the Middle Ages people had a distinct odor? They did. It helped keep communities together and let the townspeople know when there were strange people in town."

"People in the Middle Ages also used moss for toilet paper. Have you seen what lives in moss under a microscope?"


"I have. Life in the Middle Ages was scary."

"How about the shaggy beard?" I continued.

"Functional Bohemian Art. It's part of my starving artist worldview and a key tenet to my Post-Modern Pragmatic Utilitarian beliefs. Very useful in the recession."

"Sounds like a cult. Say-you're not taking any drugs are you?"

"Nope. I don't take drugs. Drugs mess you're mind and confuse reality. Until you're old, when it doesn't matter anymore cause you're close to the end and ready to leave the cocoon and fly like a butterfly with the angels."

"Maybe you should."

I don't think Dan has many friends.

06 July 2009

It's the Truth

People who love Truth hate to see the degradation of morals. Fortunately, we have laws based on morals. When the laws are corrupted, or amended, to take into account changing cultural mores, the picture of Truth is damaged. This is one reason the first Tabernacle of the Jews was destroyed-it no longer truly represented God. People should not be surprised when good things become bad.

1-(1960s and 1970s)
'Make Love, not War'
Zeal without Knowledge

2-(1980s and 1990s)
'Make More, not War'
Knowledge without Zeal

'What it do?' . . .does anybody know what this means???
No Zeal and No Knowledge

4-(The Future)
Both Zeal and Knowledge
This has yet to be written

Plurality without unity is confusion.
Unity without plurality is tyranny.
Controversy indicates uncertainty.

A divided country cannot be stable if everybody constantly disagrees with one another, as in a Civil War.
When everybody thinks alike, nobody is really thinking. This is what tyranny likes.
When there is great disagreement over nearly every law, people must be unsure of the moral principles the law is based on.

There are an infinite number of ways to be wrong about a situation, but generally only one way to be right. An automobile can break down for a variety of reasons, but one is good working condition is doing what the engineer has designed it to do.

This is not popular but it's true. Mercedes-Benzes break down less than Fords because they are designed better. If you read between the lines, you'll see an analogy relating to people that sounds like a tenet of Socialism, but it's not.

Some people think 'A' then 'B' then 'C' . . .then 'Z.' They're logical.
Some people see 'A' then 'Z' almost instantly and then know there must be a 'B' through 'Y.' They're intuitive.
Some people see 'M' then a 'G' then 'M' again, then another 'G.' These people are confused.
Some people can't even read. They're blind.

Good is always getting better and Bad is always getting worse. This is what history is and how empires rise and fall. It's the nature of things.

After purposely trying not to see the nature of things-after repressing the intuitively obvious- one goes mad. This is also the nature of things.

If enough people do this in a society-no matter how moral that society was-this society will crumble. The crumbling should force people to rethink why they act the way they do and change, because what they were doing must not have been working that well. And if nobody remembers how to think that well-or at all-then the next best thing. . .actually you know this might be the best thing in the first place. . .is to tell them a story.

Good stories have a hypnotic effect on people. The more they concentrate and listen, the more they can assimilate.