25 April 2012

An Experiment in Carrots

"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution."
--Paul Cezanne

A wave of inspiration hit me today. An abstract wave, not a concrete aqueous one. I decided to start a revolution. Why? Umm..it’s a nice day out so,…I gathered many spices and herbs. Baptised them in olive oil. Mixed the solution with chopped carrots and baked them at 400 degrees. Twenty minutes later I burnt approximately 757 epithelial cells (commonly called taste buds…and in Mennonite Ville Central Virginia…taste friends) while tasting them.

On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being absolutely horrid and 5 being manna-from-heaven-delicious, I would give them the tangent of 74…in other words a B+.

Pre-herbed carrots.

Random Carrot Fact #1 The Spanish word for carrot is zanahoria, which also means nerd.

All the players
Mixed herbs and spices. I find it is best to use a tin can that was once used to store green tea. And if it has a picture of Jack Casady impersonating Buddha...so much better. (Atmosphere you know)

The final product. Note: I prefer to cook using cast iron skillets. The theory being when you cook, iron molecules are transferred from the skillet to the food, thus increasing the healthiness factor.

Random Carrot Fact #2 If cows eat too many carrots their milk tastes bitter.

19 April 2012

I am spending my days reading philosophy/physics/theology books and pondering my role in the cosmos.

Am I really here?

Am I really just a compact mass of photons interacting with the fabric of space?

Lately I've decided that we're all 4-D actors running around on the stage called Earth while under the direct supervision of higher sentient beings. The ancients called them names like Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Gabriel, Michael, and Melchizedek. We don't believe in these fellows anymore because they're not empirically verifiable creatures and don't fit into our worldview. I like to think we are their pet creatures and like all pet owners know, you never interfere with a cat's life.

Last night I had a dream I lived in a trailer, with a pick-up truck, and a dog. In the back yard, beside the chickens, sat one of those stone giants from Easter Island...guarding the premises...intimidating the neighbors...basically just doing the 'speak softly and carry a big secret' thing. I don't know exactly what caused this dream, but I recall towards the end of it, there was a small earthquake and the Rapa Nui head fell onto the trailer. It was a total loss and I was forced to become an alpaca farmer in Idaho.

I have been to Idaho once. I don’t recall much about it as it was a dark and stormy night. Boise would be alright, but wintertime I'd have to migrate to southern CA and prune grapes or drive a bread truck or something.

18 April 2012

Do you believe in fairy tales? You should. They are more true than you think. I see myself living in a house rather like this some day. There is something 'Wind in the Willows' about it.

Art is important

"If we are to change our world view, images have to change. The artist now has a very important job to do. He's not a little peripheral figure entertaining rich people, he's really needed."

--Vaclav Havel, former President of Czechoslovakia and writer

16 April 2012

Fan Talking

On hot days like today, what better to do than talk into the fan to hear your voice change?

Come on, we all did it when we were young...

13 April 2012

Anxiety is a sign of spiritual immaturity. While I've not been feeling anxious, I have been feeling restless lately in my spirit. It is hard to say exactly why, but I feel like I need to make a significant change in Life...and fairly soon. I have spent the past few years (decade really) living a somewhat reclusive Robinson Crusoe type life. And although it is quite peaceful, I feel that I need to be around other people on a more consistent basis. I think (this is a little hard to admit) I am a bit too opinionated and interacting more with others will help. Perhaps living in a slightly different culture??? Hmmm...I wonder how my brain would react to hanging around some hippy California people...or living with a band of gypsies in Romania...or...hmm...becoming a gold prospector in Bolivia.

I must think about this.

10 April 2012

A Day on the C and O Canal towpath

Yesterday. Westernport, Maryland. 18-mile-hike. Much walking. Much tiredness. Good weather.

One of the many small arches associated with the canal. This arch reminded me of the ruins of a medieval castle in Scotland and it got me thinking...All homes should have a rocky wall to give the place a sense of history.

Map of the Four Locks. By the Potomac River stands the remains of four lockhouses used to keep prisoners. For a few dollars one can stay overnight in one.

The sign reads, 'Danger-Dam Upstream' I could not help but think, 'As to the blessed upstream? Hmm...something strange is afoot on the Potomac...'

Reason #108 why people don't go on extended hikes with me.

The trail was literally covered with these blue flowers which looked like minature trumpets.

Close-up view of one of the blue trumpet flowers.

The road less traveled...except for week-ends and summer holidays.

Funky fungi on a Sycamore tree.

Waterfall over a dam. It looks like a minature Niagara.

07 April 2012

"Do you find it easy to get drunk on words?"

"So easy that, to tell you the truth, I am seldom perfectly sober."

— from a conversation between Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey in Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night
"Monarchy can easily be debunked; but watch the faces, mark well the accents of the debunkers. These are men whose tap-root in Eden has been cut; whom no rumor of the polyphony, the dance can reach—men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honor a king they honor millionaires, athletes, or film-stars instead; even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison."

— C.S. Lewis, from his essay “Equality” in Present Concerns

05 April 2012

God requires of us what He has created us unable to effect without Him.
--George McDonald

God's ways are not our ways. We say we want to do right, when what we really mean is we want people to think we are right and feel good about ourselves.

People want to be in their right minds, but when they are at their most lucid, they sense the deep hollow cavern within the deepest part of their being and rush to fill it before sadness and regret wash in.

Men are not made to be evil. To be evil is un-human. Suffering and regret are what causes us to acknowledge something is seriously wrong with us. They are the functional equivalents of a computer virus. The laptop can run, but is never truly 100% reliable and liable to break down at any time. It needs a computer programmer to take the hard drive out and debug the system. The laptop is unable to de-bug itself. The best it can do is acknowledge a software glitch after running a systems check.

Creations and inventions of creators and artists cannot mend themselves. Paintings are created for art lovers, not for other paintings. To have a painting compare itself to another painting is meaningless. Art lovers give paintings their meaning and purpose, not vice versa.

Rare inventions have a specific purpose. The more quirky a gadget, the greater specificity it's job. Some jobs require a mind that is curious about everything. The same minds usually have a unique perspective into reality and show great influence over many people. Do-gooders and well-wishers often tell the quirky mind to settle down and join the crowd, but curiosity will prevent the quirky mind to restlessness with the status quo. They must travel, and explore, look for kindred souls to dance as partners in the Dance of Life, and of course they must capture the moments with pen and brush.

Why DO writers write and Dreamers dream? They have to. They must. Writers write to live. Something compels them. Some unknown force fans the the flame of their spirit and they must pick up the Z-grip medium black pen and scribble furiously.

It's breathing. It's food and exercise for their spirit man. For this were they made. What are words but useful tools to describe experiences that cannot truly be depicted. The spirit of a man knows more than the body and soul knows. The intuition, providing the spirit is in sync with the Holy Spirit, will always be correct. It is the mind that confuses things--especially if the man is overly rational. This is why overly educated people take forever to make a decision.

Women are more intuitive than men, are more in touch with their spirit, and more often than not know when a good decision should be made. I think men know this and are secretly happy to receive a women's advice even if they do not say in so many words. A Christian woman is infinitely valuable for her spirit is congruent with the Holy Spirit. And being much more intuitive and sensitive to the Holy Spirit can urge and nudge her husband (if she is married) into situations and places he should be going. When a man discovers such a woman, it would behoove him to acknowledge he's discovered a pearl of great price and (if he has any sense) try to win her heart. The tricky part is--the man knows the woman has infinite value and will rack his brain trying to come up with ideas to woo her...and probably become over-bearing and say non-sensical things. Hopefully, the woman will see through his short-comings and use wisdom to deal with him.

04 April 2012


This summer go on an urban picnic.

You'll need one of these from these people.

They also have an extraordinarily neat blog.

01 April 2012

Thoughts in Solitude

No man appreciates hospitality more than the shipwrecked traveler stranded on a deserted island.

Art requires movement

Art requires movement.

Muses are carnivorous beasts who only strike at moving targets. They're like sharks, and to borrow a Woody Allen quote, (who compares sharks to relationships), they must keep moving forward lest they die.

One's calling in Life is like this too. People must do what they love because of their love for doing it. Doing something for money is to worship Mammon and will lead to an early grave. Besides, it is a rare person who can do something with excellence when money is the only goal.

In other news: the synthetic thyroid hormone I've been taking for the past ten days has given me more energy, a slight improvement in my appetite, and my skin is a bit smoother as well. Yesterday I went on a 6 hour hike on the Appalachian Trail and felt good. Normally I would feel completely exhausted and sleep 12 hours straight like someone in a coma. So, things are definitely looking up.

This is a map of yesterday's hike. I parked at the Humpback Rocks Visitor Center, which has it's own pet raven lurking around the parking area eating tidbits from visitors, and proceeded south for 6 miles.

There is also a farm from the 1890s by the visitor's center. This is one of the restored houses.