11 September 2014

Earlier Today

I may not know the answer to the meaning of life but I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with running on the Morgantown rail-trail system on a hot September night whilst enduring gnats and burka-wearing women giving you the evil eye because you're running on HER side of the dirt. It MAY involve the Gravitational Time Dilation Effect coupled with an eternity's worth of baked pasticcio and a significant lack of selfish burka-wearing trail hogs, but scripture is notoriously silent on these details
You gotta love religious diploma mill 'doctors' because apparently studying to show yourself approved isn't necessary for fleecing sheep.

Be wise people.

Today's Conspiracy Theory

You don't...suppose...that when Dr. Joel Fleischman left Cicely, Alaska to go into the great unknown, he was REALLY doing something totally unrelated to modern medicine and practicing something more along the lines of a...holistic brand of 'medicine' do you???

Some things are not right in the world.

Like when you discover your ‘doctor’ got his ‘doctorate’ by listening to Dr. Suess’ hit twenty-five CD collection (three monthly payments of $39.99) and wrote his six-page dissertation on ‘How to Harness Your Inner Horton to Maximize Hearing Hoos.’

I must admit. He dresses nice…real nice. And that is important because sometimes we need beauty in a fallen world.


If you're being persecuted for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is a good thing and you will have treasures in heaven. If you're being persecuted for the Gospel of Mammon that is a bad thing...especially if you insist on wearing stripes with plaid.