16 November 2009

Conversations with Ego and Id

"It's been awhile."

"I know."

"I have excuses."

"We all do."

"Been busy."

"Most are."

My inner Muse has been vacationing in Nicaragua."

"Ever hear of laptops?"

"I joined this thing called Factbook, that tells me all the latest trivia from people in my past."

"You sound confused."

"I've been watching the news...keeping up with current events."

"You lie!"

"I have a crush on Katie Couric."

"She's too old."

"There are a lot of people nowadays who need Jesus and Noah Webster."

"You've a keen sense of the obvious-that's for sure."

"Also been feeling under the weather lately-I may have whine Flu."

"Don't be ridiculous-you're perfectly healthy."

"According to a Factbook poll, I'm crazy."

"Those polls aren't even close to accurate."

"Umm...thinking has been difficult of late. Typing has been harder. I'm thinking I have Lysdexia"

"Don't you mean Dyslexia?"


"Perhaps you should write a story about you're girlfriend Rindercella and her slopped dripper."

"Now I think you're crazy."

"Did I mention the jihad I declared on Poly-Urkel-lean?"

"What's wrong with stain-resistant wrinkle-proof fabric?"

"Skinny cheap Poly-Earthy-lean lovers frighten me."

"You should get out more-mingle with currently living folks and not spent so much time with reading."

"That I shall do."