31 March 2007

Drumming on the street

I love YouTube. I found this clip of a Drummer on the streets of NYC. I don't know how much rhythmn he has but he is f-a-s-t fast.

30 March 2007

The tool catalog

I have just received what may very well be the coolest catalog printed in the English language. The master 2007 spring/summer Northern Tool + Equipment.

This thing is just. . .amazing. You can buy high-output solar panels, windmills, arc welders, toy tractors (pedal-powered), a couch that looks like the back seat of a 56' Chevy, all kinds of engines, 2000 watt light towers. . .in case you want to light up the entire county, steel cages for (I don't know. . .if a stray mountain lion visits, you'll have a place to keep it), floor lifts ($14,000 will get you one big enough for a school bus!), wood stoves, sawmills, giant slingshots, custom tractor seats, cast-iron hand pumps for pumping water out of the ground the old-fashion way, and much much more.

I'm thinking I could buy all this stuff and move to Alaska.


One of my goals in life is to stand at the summit of this mountain.

The only thing holding me back is about $70,000, two months free-time, and high-altitude ice-climbing mountaineering experience. If anybody wants to see me climb this thing, then by all means send the cash.

29 March 2007

The perfect description of me

INTJ - The Free-Thinker

especially the part that reads,

"Fellow workers of INTJs often feel as if the INTJ can see right through them, and often believe that the INTJ finds them wanting. This tendency of people to feel transparent in the presence of the INTJ often result in relationships which have psychological distance. Thus colleagues find the INTJ apparently unemotional and, at times, cold and dispassionate."

I think this explains why my co-workers sometimes walk around on pins and needles when working with me. Like last night for instance.

Mindless, repetitive activity is something we (us INTJ people) do when frustrated with life. I have found myself doing this lately and it frightens me. Like reading CNN.COM 10 times during the course of the day and pressing the 'next blog' button. I am obsessed with knowledge. I can literally read non-stop 16 hours a day and not think anything of it.

And I have always been this way.

When I was 3-years-old, I had a toy train that played a musical sound when it rolled across the floor. I would play with this toy train for hours until my mom hid it from me. But I wanted to hear the sound all the time, not just when it rolled forward across the carpet. And since the sound came from inside the train, it seemed reasonable to take the train apart. . .to get the sound. So, I took the train apart, which wasn't easy being child-proof. It took awhile, but I persevered. When the train was apart, there was no sound! I remember being perplexed. Then my mom (or me) put the train back together, but alas, the sound was never produced again.

Later, we went our separate ways. . .the train and I. . .not my mom.

26 March 2007

I have got to get me one of . . .

While shopping the other day I also found these.

I don't know what to call them. Wrorks? Sprenches? Frenches? Butter Plives?

21 March 2007


Not being a TV watcher gives me time to think. Yesterday, it dawned on me that every single male at the company I work for, has a one syllable first name.

Ed, Joe, Vic, Dwight, Jim, Steve, Bob, Frank, Dan, Ray. . .etc, etc, etc.

Except me.

Spring has Sprung

Dating: A process whereby a scientist measures the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-14 of a fossil in order to discover an approximate age of the formerly living creature.

Dating: A slang term formerly used by the lower class in describing the process of acquiring a prostitute.

Dating: The first thing I write when writing in my journal. Today's entry will probably begin something like. . .21 March 2007, A.D. 11:19 A.M. Chesapeake, VA

19 March 2007

Life in General

Life. Life is flying by for me. It's happening so fast, it bewilders me. I remember Life before the internet and wonder how much change has occurred in Life as a result.

Every day I find myself thinking increasingly more about Heaven and the afterlife. What it will be like? I had a dream once that took place a million years in the future. A group of us were going to a fairly new planet, without spaceships. Just our new bodies. The planet had much more land than Earth, lots of mountains, and was smaller. And I remember somebody saying that this was the first time so-and-so had ever landed on a new planet.

Every day I feel the Spirit of God pressing closer upon me. Sometimes it like an enormous weight, and yet the weight has no mass. It's merely a sort of largeness that surrounds your entire being. Probably what being at the bottom of the ocean would feel like.

Increasing, and this have something to do with the fact that I sleep during the day and work at night, I see, or rather feel, myself walking on this enormous plateau or grassy plain. . .sort of like Montana. . .and it's uphill. Only I never get to the horizon. It keeps going up a little further. Once, though, I almost did get to the end. . .and the grassy plain merged with the sky into a sort of coppery-colored thick misty place. And for an instant, it seemed to me the copper. . .it may have been gold. . .was molten and had eyes spanning the horizon. And as I looked up at the eyes, it was as if I felt a warming sensation from the deepest recesses of my being.

Then I woke up.

14 March 2007

The Ides of March Eve

Having spent 7 (yes, seven) hours in a tire store waiting on my car, I can say that after reading stack after stack after stack of various magazines, I am up-to-date on. . .pretty much everything.

According to Forbes magazine, if you're not googable, you do not exist.

So, I googled myself, and found a few obscure pics of myself in another state, running.

I then made a resolution to make myself more googable, in case some world leader needs my sevices, except for a certain dictator, or two, or three. Then again, I've always wanted to go on an Anaconda-hunting expedition in Caracas.

I am happy to be an existing person. Un-personhood must be strange. Prole-like.

08 March 2007


One of the must-do things in my life. I have to run nearly everyday. Why? Too many reasons to list. It makes thinking alot easier for one. In the 1700s, the British used to torture prisoners by making them run on human-propelled treadmills. Now, people spend $1000 of dollars (of their own free-will) to run on these things. And consider themselves fortunate to do so.

The times they are a changin'

As much fun as running is, people just don't get addicted to it. You think I'm kidding? Go to your local high school track and tell me how many times you've seen a man out by the pole vault pit, decked out in shades saying, "Psst! My man. . .pair of Nikes?"

I don't think so.

LetsRun.com is probably the most comprehensive running site out there. It's a must-go-to site.

06 March 2007


I just did a google search on fasting and parasites.

Scariness. . .

The Age of Cleverness

People in good standing with God think clearly-more so than non-good-standing people. Non-Christians must find it harder to think. People who knowingly reject God have a great deal of a time trying to maintain any continuous thought. For when one rejects him, one shuts down the source of creativity and one is left with whatever is stored in memory. Now, one can only express that creativity in a perverted way.

If one rejects what one knows to be inherently good and true, one must repress this good. This repressing can only lead to mental illness (a disruption of normal thinking.) It's no accident that the Reformation and the Great Awakening coincided with the Age of Discovery. It's also no coincidence that when a society rejects God, that society begins a precipitous decline in novel ideas and creativity. Mediocrity becomes the norm, baseness is elevated to a god-like status. Everything and everybody turns coarse and rough. Shoddy. I mean, everything simply goes bad. Music, food, literature, movies. Rudeness increases, Patience leaves, fast food becomes popular, illiteracy increases, obesity gets classified as a medical illness. . .All falls apart.

I suppose one could make the argument about technology. But is not technology merely manipulating what we already know? That's what technology is. . .the application of (already known) knowledge. What can be called Cleverness. Nothing terribly new is discovered in an anti-Christian atmosphere.

Mature people are not easily swayed by their emotions. When mature people get hungry and have $3 in their pocket, they don't rush off to Burger King. Another thing I have noticed. . .They don't suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome.

I have been thinking much about prophecy, prophets, free-will, and predestination lately. Imagine how it must feel to have a perfect prescient awareness of your future. You'd turn fatalistic to the point of madness. (Unless you knew you weren't going to be mad.) Life would be dull. Free Will and Predestination would be essentially the same thing.

Not quite, really. It would be more like a journey with a known endpoint and many data points along the way. Then, another train of thought developed. About how photons seem to know where every other photon is. I'm talking action action at a distance and it's scary.

Most of the people I grew up with got stupid around their mid-20s. Perhaps it is because they rejected God and his attributes. It's amazing how forgetful people are in the Land of the Brave. I have had adults in this country ask me during the last few weeks. . .

How many states are there? um. . .50

What's the third place medal made of? bronze.

First is gold, and what's next. . .silver? yep

One guy I talked with thought the Himalayas were in Oregon. How do you respond to that???

"No, see. They used to be in Oregon, but they moved them see. Everest kept getting in people's way."

Another person thought that when astronauts go on a space walk, they do so on the moon.

This is why I enjoy watching people. Like squirrels, they amuse me.

I, Jason, wrote this at 4:12 AM whilst staring at a can of Campbell's Chunky soup. Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo flavoured.

01 March 2007


Washed the car today at 2 AM. Why not? It was nice out.

I was debating whether or not to remain a Christian since they apparently found Jesus' bones in an ossuary. Naturally, my entire belief system was shaken to the core.

In other news: Some scientists in Kansas recently uncovered evidence that the world may indeed be flat. Their study was not well-received in the scientific community. Perhaps the ACLU will volunteer to assist their cause.

What is truly scary is that one religious professor claimed that his faith would not be shaken. This tells me the fellow is very confused about Christianity. I mean, if the Resurrection never happened, what good is Christianity?

It would be a pointless religion and life would be devoid of meaning. Just a meaningless existence. It would also make Jesus a liar and eliminate his claim to divinity. Nor would he have been a good man-perhaps pretty good and fairly moral-but certainly not God.

If Christianity weren't true, would any other religion be? Judaism? Judaism is Christianity. . .that is for all practical purposes. (If you subtract all the customs and traditions men added). All Judaism is based upon the 10 Commandments, which in turn are based on love, which is an intrinsic part of God's very nature.

I suppose Zorastrianism might be a good choice, however, when one follows Zorastrianism's tenets to their logical endpoints-it's not consistent with reality. No other religion is consistent with reality. Even atheism is non-consistent with reality.

You've got to wonder why the alleged bones of Jesus popped up in the news recently, instead of hundreds of years ago. This tells me that entities in the spirit world are fearing something God is up to and ready to do. (I realize this last sentence would make absolutely no sense to 99.9% of the media. . .which amuses me.)

This brings to mind an article I read in Christianity Today once. The author thought it sad that Jesus died so young. He thought, (the author), Jesus would have accomplished much more in life had he lived about 80 or so years. And I thought,

'This man is spiritually ignorant twice over. First, he is ignorant of things supernatural. Secondly, it takes something supernatural to get someone that ignorant.'

The 2008 democrat presidential race looks to be most interesting. I don't think Barack Obama, nor Hillary 'I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. . .(before he was famous)' Clinton have a chance. I can see the campaign slogans now.

'We need B.O. in the White House.'


'Jezebel for President.'

8 years of King Ahab is long enough for one country.