23 August 2008

Probing Impossibly Improbable Possabilities

I used to think that everything was possible and the impossible just took a bit longer.

Later, I thought nothing was impossible and the impossible-still impossible.

Then, I was told nothing was really impossible, including the actually impossible, but the impossible was merely highly improbable, and that sometimes even the possible was improbable too.

Yet, sometimes even though the impossible is impossible, though not intrinsically impossible, it can be probable if one keeps trying. . .providing one expects the impossible to happen.

So, all things are possible, including the impossible, except of course the intrinsically impossible, but not not necessarily probable, and all the possible things are not possibly probable. Furthermore, to think that the intrinsically impossible, probable or intrinsically possible. . .is shear nonsense.

And that, of course, is definitely probable.

19 August 2008

Banana Trees, Cat Herding, and Squirrel Carrots

I had the opportunity to watch a 4-year-old boy and came to the following conclusions.

Little boys should not be raised in the city unless you have a very large fence with no rocks, sticks, stacks of old 2-by-4s embedded with nails, or neighbors with motorcycles. Montana or Saskatchewan is best as these areas are so flat and remote you can watch the little guys run around and beat one another with hot dog sticks, chase baby rabbits, torture senile poodles, and dig holes in the ground because (they want to see what the devil looks like) until their hearts content. And if one of them decides to plant a banana tree (don't ask) in your back yard, you don't have to explain to the neighbors why.

Little boys ask many questions, so when responding, it is usually best to tell the truth. I told him I was a cat herder and rode around on a chariot chasing them all day. Naturally this raised many more questions, none of which I could possibly answer.

Little boys like to eat all the time. This morning I took some carrots outside to feed the squirrels. . .they actually like carrots. . .and the little fella told me he'd eat them for me.

"These are squirrel carrots," I said. . .thinking that no further explanation was needed, but alas, this was not to be.

18 August 2008


One should be extremely sensitive to whom one allows to touch them.

Over the years, one should should become very sensitive to uncleanness, which is not to be confused with dirtiness. Very few people are clean nowadays, college students especially. Prolly due to the fact they open themselves up more than non-college people. Lesbians are especially unclean. . .something about their spirits are rough, dirty, and hairy. It's like a large fibrous root that must be burned out of the ground in order to be properly destroyed. Something like weeds and snakes. Evil. Homosexual spirits in males are slippery and weak, and make the human's eyes they latch onto cold, pale, and vacuous. It's like their very blood is affected with a serious case of anemia. They whine alot and complain. It's almost impossible for them to look you in the eye. As strange as this may sound, when I encounter unclean things, my hair stands on edge, my muscles get taut, and I feel like a mountain lion growling under my breathe.

The more godly somebody is, the more deeper and rounder the eyes. They seem to glow with life. Their pilot light is well-lit and burning. I suspect it is difficult for some people to look into their eyes because of the purity.

14 August 2008


One should always do exactly what God has designed one to do in Life for to do anything else is meaningless. The other things may be meaningful for others and may be a help to them, but in the long term, this is not good. Many people with good intentions have done much good throughout History, but good intentions are not synonymous with a good Life, nor to a Life as successful as one could and should have if one does what God has designed one to do.

Groucho Marx wanted to be a doctor. I'm glad he didn't.

When one does exactly what they're supposed to do in Life, one should not be surprised if there is a backlash from many close friends and family. If one stays close to God, then only that one truly knows what they should do in Life. For who knows the spirit of a man except God?

One can know a lot about somebody else's spirit, and can often have a pretty good idea of their Life's calling, but to pretend like you're the Holy Spirit is not a good idea. To tell somebody else what they should do in Life is wrong, unless the circumstances call for it, and those circumstances are very very rare, yet they occur. If this does occur, then your spirit will leap in unison with the words the other has confirmed to you. If this doesn't happen, and you are very close to God, though it does not appear that way to others, you should take what you hear with a grain a salt and measure their words very carefully to avoid a life of uselessness.

Many times people say things that appear helpful and seem right at the time, but down the road in Life, it eventually becomes obvious there was a bad decision made. Bad decisions lead to more bad decisions and lead to wrong choices and lead to chaos and leads to madness and leads to even more uselessness and meaninglessness and that leads to an early grave.

Which is not good.

So, what does one do if they find themselves in a situation they should not be in? One must ask God to put them on the right track. And if the right track, for a time, is very painful, one should not be surprised. Braces sometimes hurt, but lead to good results.

Orthodontists say this all the time.

11 August 2008


Dear Old Man who just nearly ran over me whilst getting my mail,

I don't know you're name but you should really watch where you're driving that boat of yours.

And just for the record, just because you have silver in your hair, gold in your teeth, stones in your kidneys, lead in your feet, and are full of natural gas. . .does not mean you are as valuable as you think you are.



08 August 2008

Four Eights

Volvos are good cars.

Not morally so. They're really amoral, not to be confused with immoral.


The thing is-are Volvos good because they're mechanically well-designed or because the typical Volvo driver is by nature an ideal driver? Volvo drivers tend to have a lot of sense, drive with common sense, and have lots of cents in their bank accounts, and truthfully, they probably have good scents too. Make sense?

When one loses touch with reality, one loses the ability to be effective in reality. Somebody out-of-touch with reality must live in a pseudo-reality-complete with their self-constructed worldview. A worldview that is complete with predictive powers, self-fulfilling prophecies, facts that support their paradigms. . .everything. And when something does not go according to plan, they even have a rational explanation to explain this apparent discrepancy.

After time, when apparently nothing goes according to plan, self-doubt settles in and they get depressed and cynical. Later, nothing really makes sense anymore and meaninglessness takes over.

I think this is the current state of China, more specifically the communist government. I'm amused to see the Olympics taking place in a totalitarian society. . .one that preaches openness.

Communism's days are numbered here, I hope.

05 August 2008

Perry Ellis

A little while ago I spent about $60 to buy 16 gallons of gas and thought it was a good deal considering it only cost $3.71/gallon. . .but I still refuse to buy a Prius.

Also a little while ago, I did something quite remarkable for me. I went to an actual mall (I tend to avoid such places since I prefer outdoor woodsy areas and libraries.) I had no choice really as I needed a new watch battery and needed the services of this old fellow who cobbles shoes and fixes watches. Or is it-fixes shoes and is called a cobbler just because cobbler is a cool name to call oneself???

Later, I bought some clothes as most of mine look like something from the George Bush the First era. As I walked around the store, I noticed the men's clothing could be grouped into 4 main motifs.

1-the never-changing style of the old-man-golfer group. For reasons I do not fathom, this style doesn't seem to ever change. The color of the little horse guy on the tees might change, but really, how many colors do you expect Docker's pants to be? The old fellers know they're not going to be around much longer-so they might as well get what's comfortable.

2-the athletic section. Always always always dominated by Nike and Adidas.

3-the boys section (I didn't really notice what was going on here, except that it exists)


4-the what's currently popular style section. I don't really like what's in now. It looks like a rebellious, post-apocalyptic, vaguely militaristic motif that's popular now with the trend setters. Although something about the vague militaristic part appeals to me in a non-communist sort of way. I've always tended to dress this way at work. . .khakis and dark shirts. . .because experience has taught me that people always respect the lab tech more when dressed in combat-like wear. . .especially if they're holding a bottle of HCl or NaOH, are at the end of a 15 hour shift, and have a blood-caffeine index that is illegal in the Olympic games.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn died. I feel I should be somewhat morose as he is one of my favorite writers. And if you've never read the Gulag Archipelago- you should.