28 November 2011


Mediocrites was the name of the trash collector in ancient Rome. One day he got a job at the Circus Maximus with the only caveat being he had to change his name from Mediocrites to Media. His new job required him to give trash away rather than collect it. He became quite popular since most Romans rarely received trash and thought it was a gift of the gods. It wasn't long after this Rome fell.

17 November 2011


I don’t know why people, most people, insist on doing the wrong things in Life. Take slavery. Why is it still alive and well? Seriously? What goes on in a person’s mind that makes them force another human being to do things against their will? It can only be supreme selfishness, and even then selfish people are not truly happy forcing others to satisfy their cravings. The slave holder is not satisfied, can’t be, because they’re not doing what they’ve been designed to do in Life. If you’re doing something that is wrong, there is no possible way for you to be happy and fulfilled-even if it is a good thing. Even the good things in Life are bad if done at the wrong time and the wrong place. But in slavery, one forces another to do something against their will in order to do something that is truly against one’s own will-a double whammy.

Everyone intuitively knows the difference between Right and Wrong…at least in the big things. We all know, intuitively, we shouldn’t torture babies. It’s one of those things we simply cannot NOT know. What, I think, happens is the slave holders repress what is intuitively obvious…rationalize it using Darwinism…and keep on doing this until their conscious becomes seared.

Once the conscious is seared, they’re disconnected from the Creator and Sustainer of Life and it is only a period of time before they lose their humanity. They turn into a mere beast, become a feral human, ruled by their immediate sensations and feelings. And then…go completely insane.

This is why it is nearly impossible to convince slaveholders of their error using words alone. They need a word picture, a story, something artistic to jolt them to their senses before it is too late. For after a time, the only thing that will work…the only way to deal with slavery…is to use force.