12 January 2011

Short Story

"For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn"

--Attributed to Ernest Hemingway on a bet saying that he couldn't write a story in under seven words.
As long as there is mankind there will be Art, and Love, and War.
As long as there are people there will be Night and Day.
And as long as there is Time there will be Life, and Death, and History.

01 January 2011

The Heart of God

The heart of God, what He desires most, is intimacy with Him. That's why we are here.

-God made us to know Him.
-God made each of us different so we would know different aspects of His being.
-God made man an incredibly complex creation, in the likeness of Himself, because He is incredibly complex.

The very worse thing we can do is shun God when He draws near to us. This, more than anything, pains Him and explains the unearthly coldness one feels when one rejects Him. Fortunately, God desires us so much He forgives our cold shoulders and gives us grace. This is why relationships that go awry hurt more than anything else...since we are made in God's image and have an innate desire for intimacy that supersedes all other desires.

Because man is so complex, this does not mean any man should marry any woman. Nor does this mean any Christian man should marry any Christian woman. I suspect God designs us so that there are really only a very few truly compatible people for living their lives together.

If one looks to the animal kingdom, one can see this more clearly. Mountain lions and lynxes, though they live in the same places, eat the same animals, chase the same sheep, and love to sleep 20+ hours a day are simply not made to be together. Granted, mankind is the same species, but this does not mean two Christians are made to be together. God may have different plans for both, though they walk along the same path for some time.

This can be quite difficult for the soul...the emotions...to grasp, and hard as it may be, one must listen to the voice of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will place secret hints and inclinations which, when followed, will keep us from making a wrong decision we would regret during our latter years.