06 July 2009

It's the Truth

People who love Truth hate to see the degradation of morals. Fortunately, we have laws based on morals. When the laws are corrupted, or amended, to take into account changing cultural mores, the picture of Truth is damaged. This is one reason the first Tabernacle of the Jews was destroyed-it no longer truly represented God. People should not be surprised when good things become bad.

1-(1960s and 1970s)
'Make Love, not War'
Zeal without Knowledge

2-(1980s and 1990s)
'Make More, not War'
Knowledge without Zeal

'What it do?' . . .does anybody know what this means???
No Zeal and No Knowledge

4-(The Future)
Both Zeal and Knowledge
This has yet to be written

Plurality without unity is confusion.
Unity without plurality is tyranny.
Controversy indicates uncertainty.

A divided country cannot be stable if everybody constantly disagrees with one another, as in a Civil War.
When everybody thinks alike, nobody is really thinking. This is what tyranny likes.
When there is great disagreement over nearly every law, people must be unsure of the moral principles the law is based on.

There are an infinite number of ways to be wrong about a situation, but generally only one way to be right. An automobile can break down for a variety of reasons, but one is good working condition is doing what the engineer has designed it to do.

This is not popular but it's true. Mercedes-Benzes break down less than Fords because they are designed better. If you read between the lines, you'll see an analogy relating to people that sounds like a tenet of Socialism, but it's not.

Some people think 'A' then 'B' then 'C' . . .then 'Z.' They're logical.
Some people see 'A' then 'Z' almost instantly and then know there must be a 'B' through 'Y.' They're intuitive.
Some people see 'M' then a 'G' then 'M' again, then another 'G.' These people are confused.
Some people can't even read. They're blind.

Good is always getting better and Bad is always getting worse. This is what history is and how empires rise and fall. It's the nature of things.

After purposely trying not to see the nature of things-after repressing the intuitively obvious- one goes mad. This is also the nature of things.

If enough people do this in a society-no matter how moral that society was-this society will crumble. The crumbling should force people to rethink why they act the way they do and change, because what they were doing must not have been working that well. And if nobody remembers how to think that well-or at all-then the next best thing. . .actually you know this might be the best thing in the first place. . .is to tell them a story.

Good stories have a hypnotic effect on people. The more they concentrate and listen, the more they can assimilate.


kludge said...

I'm a fan of 'what it do' folks...

overheard at the office "What you do that to me for"

Society is cyclical. after 5 thousand years of nations, it amazes me how few people realize it.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

I think 99% of everything people encounter is incomprehensible to them. There's only so much one can assimilate without being a hermit.