15 September 2010

Randomness in September

Most decisions made by men nowadays are based strictly upon emotional states. Logic and foresight are secondary factors in their day-to-day plans. If you don't believe me go to Kentucky or Southern West Virginia and see for yourself the results of decades upon decades of emotion based choices.

A dream I had: As I went walking through the woods I heard a voice calling, "Whoo?...Whooo?"

I thought it must be the Voice of Wisdom calling me in the form of an angel. Then I saw the feathers, beak, and small rodent in the beak flying overhead and at once my heart lightened with good cheer. I composed a proverb on the spot, "Woe to those who call black white, white black, and gray grey. For they are colorblind and destined to become British. Radical alterations of Reality without foresight lead to simpletonism and the end thereof is a Life of Misery in a cold wretched trailer in Southern Appalachia where there will be weeping and gnashing of gums. Confusion shall be in your right hand and ignorance of proper hygiene in your left. Ye shall be friend to the dogs and have far too many non-regulated chemicals in your bloodstream."

Sometime later I woke from the trance and swore off canned mushrooms from Big Lots with expiration dates from 1984.


kludge said...

wow... That's what I believed people in the sixties where like.

What was the use by date of those mushrooms? :)

Word Verification "Forklipt" as heard uttered at a San Fransisco loading dock

Jason Michael Parrish said...

I don't think fungus has a use by date. It's sort of like those animals you see stored in formaldehyde in the dusty cabinets of your local biology lab.

kludge said...

Don't eat those either!! :)