06 October 2011

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Sometime later, Maurice didn’t know how much later since his watch stopped running somewhere between the 143rd and 1,357th pothole, they arrived at a pyramidal-shaped rock formation that resembled those the Aztecs constructed. The pyramid, constructed 30 years previous by the Goshen Waste Management Division, was composed of 3.16 billion tons of compacted trash covered with a thick layer of soil. It was 870 meters tall, visible from space, and either the 16th or the 18th Wonder of the New World depending on which poll you followed. Curiously enough, the pyramid had no name and was simply referred to as Mount @ by Googlepedia. The Nekton considered it holy and regularly made pilgrimages to its flanks. Another interesting fact was the Nekton, once in the shadow of Mt. @, ceased speaking their spoken language and used their unspoken language, one that consisted solely of whistling. In the whistling language, Mt @ was represented by a long drawn-out expiration of air that lasted 3 to 4 seconds then generally petered off into silence, and sometimes, a faint grunt-like sound. Incidentally, this also happened to be the same exact thing tourists uttered during bad car accidents in Goshen. This often led to a great deal of confusion during Goshenite-Nektonian interactions particularly during rush hour traffic.

On the eastern side of Mt. @ stood a long low concrete building painted ash-grey to resemble a long low ash-grey rock. Four feet above the ground, Jakob grabbed an oblong rock that was attached to the wall and twisted. A bit of dust settled to the ground and an outline to a door appeared, then opened.

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