26 June 2012

Marathon Traveling and Marathon Running

At precisely 4:56 PM last Monday I began a journey of 6,000 miles via plane, train, and automobile.
First, I packed up and drove the Mazda to my parent's house in West Virginia.

I camped out here for a day before my mom and sister dropped me off at the Pittsburgh Amtrak station. There were about 30 Amish folks there traveling en masse to Chicago with me and well got on the same car.

Elkhart, Indiana...minutes after being involved in an Amish pillow fight.

Union Station, Chicago

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Near Madison, WI...1st amber wave of grain sighting.

Wisconsin Dells,WI...getting ruraler...train is temporarily stopped due to small herd of badgers.
Winona, Minnesota...Downtown Winona Minnesota...the...um...business district of downtown Winona.
Fargo, North Dakota
Rugby, North Dakota

Little house on the prairie.
More evidence of human overpopulation in North Dakota...if you look closely you'll see an old house about 5 miles away.
Perfectly flat dirt roads for dozens of miles. This is perfect training ground for ultra-marathon training and crop-circle making activities...still in North Dakota.
Train Literature, fascinating reading.
Havre, Montana...dinosaurs used to live here. Thank god and extinction they're on vacation.
Shelby, Montana
Columbia River, Washington.
(I didn't take any pictures whilst in Idaho as I was overcome with sleepiness)
Bingen-White Salmon, WA
Vancouver...the American one...we're getting closer.
Random Note#1: Dear Conductor-There's an old fellow snoring like the London Philharmonic warming up. My psychologist tells me I've Chronic Snoring Syndrome that causes me to go into violent spams of senior citizen choking yoga (his words, not mine). I propose we ditch him at Walla Walla where he can snore happily ever after.
Windmills on the Columbia River early Friday morning.

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Portland, OR...I shall

Random note#2...Amtrak baggage guy's name tag reads 'Hi...I'm Gregory Peck.' I think he's lying.

Finally, after nearly 60 hours on a train I arrived in Seattle.

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