13 October 2012

You may not know this, but I once translated the entire book of Ecclesiastes into functional Ebonics.

I replaced all the 'meaningless' words with 'da man got me down'. All the 'verilys' with 'you dig.' Every instance of the word 'wisdom' I used 'Jerry rig.' And for the 'amens' I used the word 'uh-huh...that's why I'm saying.'

The Ebonics version gives it a more literal feel. It's more earthy and genuine.


It does lose a bit a bit of the author's natural rhythm and flavor...perhaps makes all the meaninglessness somewhat darker, but hey, in the hood what can you expect?

The result is, I think, something Everyman can relate to...preferably one who isn't obsessed with grammar.

Did I mention I also replaced all the 'kings' with 'community organisers?'

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