31 July 2013

Not all worldviews have equal merit since not all correlate with reality. Many times a person can project an air of authority and wisdom despite having a flawed worldview. Their logic and reasoning may be sound and in perfect accord with their worldview, but if it is not congruent with reality then that person has no true authority and must rely on word play and bully tactics. One should not be fooled by their bloviating and big words even if they call themselves 'doctor.'

All people view Life through their own lens and expect others to adhere to their reasoning. Their logic may be good, but the logical endpoint of all their arguments will always be, can only be, mistaken since their premises about the fundamental nature of reality are incorrect.

Having good intentions does not equate good ideas.

Some people build an entire empire around unicorns and the doctrine of Unicornology. But after twenty-five years of alleged unicorn sightings with no empirical evidence to back up their assertions, besides a couple mysterious hoof prints by the local horse farm, one would be a fool to be a disciple of Unicornology.

It is best to humor such people even though they are wrong. Not everyone has a perfect knowledge of Life, the Universe, and Everything and we should be tolerant of one another’s worldviews. But when decisions that seriously harm people, and lead people astray, are continually made by people who think they are the ultimate experts in reality, it is then time to mark such individuals and paradigms as absurd and have nothing to do with them.

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