29 March 2011

Page 13

Maurice and the former statue shook hands.

"Pleased to meet you Jakob. May I introduce Polly B. Frottin? We're old friends from five minutes ago. One of my company's drones mistook her and Malachi for an unchip alien making a run for it."

Polly and Jakob shook hands. "Where were you going?"

"Borders...the bookstore. It's one of my homes away from home."

Jakob scratched his long dusty beard and gazed gravely at Maurice and Polly. The deep wrinkles about his eyes gave one the impression of great wisdom-of a deep knowledge of scientific and philosophical subjects. His eyes twinkled and made Polly think of Michelangelo's Moses, but without the horns. They were the most distinctive feature of his face. Set farther apart than usual, they gave him a remarkable field of vision. His deep penetrating gaze at Maurice seemed to slice to his inner being. One could tell at once that before him stood a man that perceived much more than most. Both felt drawn to him immediately.

"I had a dream about the you of you."

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kludge said...

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable if another man introduced himself that way. Still, your description of him creates a Sam Elliott image in my mind.