06 March 2013

Scientia Potentia est?

Ok.  I got it now.  

Knowledge is Power. 

Power according to physicists is Work divided by Time. So, Knowledge is also Work divided by Time. Or (to rearrange the equation)

Knowledge (Time) = Work

Knowledge is also equivalent to Google

So as Time increases on Google, Work increases

But statistics show as Time increases on Google, Work decreases.

But stats lie.

So, as Time increases on Google, Work really does increase.

Interestingly, the Journal of Women’s Studies reports that as Work increases, Money ($) decreases.

Therefore, the more the Work, the less the Money ($).

And the less the Money ($), the less the Power.

Furthermore, since Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely, (whether for good or evil depending on your viewpoint), it goes to show the less Power, the less one is corrupted absolutely.

Hence one becomes poor (less $) with a corresponding lack of Knowledge.

To further complicate matters: Ignorance is Strength (as we all know from Orwell’s ‘1984’)…the less Knowledge you have the stronger you are.  And the stronger you are, the more Work you can do…as long as you don’t expect to get paid for it.

Hmmm…maybe I SHOULD go into politics…

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