16 November 2006

Prince Rilian Syndrome

Like Prince Rilian, I have spent the better part of a decade living in something like a cave. Living as a hermit, a recluse from society, I have found decreases one's social skills. Being articulate in your mind's eye does not necessarily translate to better verbal skills. I have read well over 500 books on every conceivable subject since the millennium, in addition to hundreds (if not thousands) of journal articles until the subject matter repeats itself. Knowledge and the accumulation of facts is very wearisome. There is really no end to how much one can learn. Once one knows all the facts, or rather, all the known facts of certain subjects-lets just say that this is a wearisome task of which there is no end. And can anyone truly comprehend it all? I think not. When one reaches this point, one studies man and his ways and inevitably comes to the conclusion that you cannot study man--merely get to know them--which is not the same. This is a major reason some people, primarily introverts, become obsessed with blogging. It is rather unnerving finding yourself reading the blogs of perfect strangers until it feels as if you know them. Blog-reading, in time, becomes a mindless activity, as watching television (something I refuse to do), but it's relaxing.

Blogs are here to stay. Why? They provide an important outlet for man to express what goes on in their soul. Men must reveal what is inside them--it is intrinsic to their nature to confess. Impossible to do otherwise. I saw earlier that O.J. Simpson is confessing--a scenario perhaps--but nevertheless, he is confessing.

Something else I have seen in life. A man works hard all his life, spends years in college studying 16 hours a day, and then undergoes something that causes him to lose it all. This makes no sense. It has no meaning.

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