09 December 2006

Bad Pizza (by Kirkland)

So, one of the many items I purchased yesterday at CostCo was an enormous pizza. Of which I ate more than a generous portion.

My dream: I dreamed last night that I was leaving a church service and I went to an enormous house where a party was going on. I distinctly remember finding a dark corner and deciding to take a quick nap in a chair because I was tired. Beside me was an animal pen. As I was looking at this animal pen (inside the house) two animals raised their heads and looked at me. . .one was a horse, the other a dinosaur, a small sauropod. The horse started talking to me (I saw his lips move) and the 1st thing he said was:

"You're probably not used to horses talking to you, are you."
I said, "No, You're the first horse I've ever talked to." He sounded somewhat British and had very good articulation. We chatted for a while. Then the sauropod spoke. The dinosaur had a squeaky feminine-type voice that irritated me. After some time, I grabbed the horse's neck in my right hand and the sauropod's neck in my left hand and said, "Listen, you guys shouldn't be talking. You're animals. What if somebody sees you."

The animals got a little angry and so I squeezed their necks to get my point across. Then their heads began to shrink until they became snakes. The horse was a big brown constrictor thing, the dinosaur turned into a rattlesnake or a copperhead (I forget which). I threw the horse/snake down into the pen and just stared at the dino/rattlesnake. Then the thing latched onto my arm and hung there for a few seconds. I tried shaking it off gently but the creature bit me, then it fell into the pen. I turned my head and saw two baby vipers near me stuck to some furniture. I flicked on away with my finger and the other one dropped to the ground.

I got up, left the room, and laid down in a bed still in my dark-brown wool suit and overheard a Portugese man in the next room (through the wall) reading. . .and stumbling over half the words. . .my blog aloud to a group of people, while they laughed.

I woke up being dreadfully thirsty.

Does anybody out there know what this means???


Anonymous said...

I think it means you have a need to control talking horses...which stems from a deep rooted animosity of British accents...

...actually I think it means your pepperoni had gone bad!

Thanks for making me look up sauropod. I love lizard hipped dinosaurs...

Jason said...

Lizard-hipped beats bird-hipped any given day of the week except Sundays.

I like British accents, but prefer Southern New Zealand accents best of all.

jen staab said...

my church is in kirkland, washington. about 10 minutes from costco.

Jason said...

Have you, by any chance, tasted the pepperoni from there?

If it's the water, somebody should warn the orcas.