04 December 2006


It is exactly 2:25 PM now and I have a really really bad headache, so this may not exactly be a coherent entry which is fine with me cause I plan on taking a nap as soon as it is over, but not before calling the secretary and telling her I'll be taking a sick day.

On CNN.com: A naked man was attacked by an alligator. Apparently, the naked man was snorting crack cocaine, took off his clothes, and then proceeded to let an alligator eat him.

This is just another reason why you should never take off your clothes in the Everglades and smoke crack and pet hungry wild alligators.

Bad things may happen.

Racism Alive and well in the Land of the Brave


Anonymous said...

I'm going to look up that alligator story.
That is very sad.

kludge said...

A lesson to us all...