29 December 2006

Strange but true


I have the same exact name (and a slight resemblance) to the weatherman in my parent's hometown. I think we may even be related-I'm not sure.

So what does one do at the store when the cash register girl goes, "o' my God! You're the weatherman! I see you on TV!"

Why give her the weather forecast, of course.

And if it isn't entirely accurate. . .well I've never pretended to be a prophet.


kludge said...

Thats funny!

Are you sure you aren't the weatherman? Do you ever have strange dreams about cloud cover?

Jason said...

Rarely do I dream about clouds. Mostly I dream of really high mountains and snakes. And I average one very apocalyptical dream a month dealing with spaceships, gps units, and cloud-like dirigibles piloted by Darth Vader-like humanoids.

kludge said...

SCI-FI will do that do you...

...believe me, the geek understands such dreams.