09 February 2007

Go West, young man

9 Feb 2007 Anno Domini, 137 AM

I am moving.

It's quite true. Later this summer, I intend to go West, young man. Actually, North by Northwest (great movie) over hill, dale, and prairie to a city with a long lake under the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. To the land in the tongue of men and dwarves called Washington.

Home of orcas, Bigfoot, Microsoft, Boeing, Costco, and Curt Kobain cults. And it is here, I shall spend my days peering through microscopes looking at cross-sections of tissue and cells in a histology lab.


kludge said...

Congrats! I take it this was the job interview you posted about earlier.

I would advise spending most of your time in Dale and avoiding Smaug at all costs.

I hope you enjoy the west coast!

Jason said...

Actually, that was for a diferent job, but thanks anyway.

I plan to pipe chloroform into Smaug's lair, make dragon stew, and rebuild the castle. As I've always wanted to live in one, especially on a mountain.