28 July 2007


Number of samples I analyzed at work this morning: 3
Number of kidneys a co-worker has: 3
Number of miniature cinnamon rolls I ate today: 3
Number of bonuses I have received the past 3 years: 3
My age in years: 33

Cleaning some old boxes yesterday put me in a fit of melancholy. True, I have a melancholic personality, but this was an amplified melancholy. The goal was to throw away alot of stuff I really do not need. Things with a possible sentimental value, or rather, things that have the potential to jolt my memory banks when I am an old man living in Orlando sitting on a swing people-watching and alligator avoiding. (I should note that as I type these words, Austin Powers is playing on the TV and I have this annoying habit of looking at the screen which is quite distracting, especially when you're trying to type something for the masses.) So,so,so...perhaps I will write more later.


kludge said...

Number of kidneys a co-worker has: 3....

Are you serious? I think your joking but since I'm not really sure... This seems impossible.

I can't wait till I get old enough to buy a pair of large white pants and suspenders and spend my days in Florida cat calling all the people dumb enough to walk by the nursing home!

Yeah Baby!

Jason said...

Nope, he has three kidneys. I asked him why they didn't remove the other two and he got mad at me and said, "why should they?"

I had no (logical) response, but many sarcastic ones.