02 July 2007


I should really post something profound later today. Last week was crazy. I like craziness, since Life is an adventure. But once you're in the midst of an adventure, sometimes it doesn't seem that way. It seems like adventures always happen at inopportune moments. Would it be an adventure if it was planned? Of course. You can plan adventures. I do it all the time. Spontaneity is good, as long as it is planned. . .and you've a syllabus. . .and lots of readily available cash.

I am looking to purchase a new vehicle to drive across the continent. Something that will be able to carry alot of stuff and isn't a mini-van. I dislike mini-vans. Mini-vans are like those big-boned girls with lots of inner beauty and gland problems that seem to be attracted to nerdy skinny guys with acne. Any suggestions?

I am fighting a headache now. Monday, you know. And there is a thousand things to do. But the sun is out and the weather is cool. And I just ate a hamburger for breakfast on a large pre-sliced bagel, which is cooler. And drinking iced tea, and typing nonsense as the trash man just drove by because I just feel like typing. . .not fast. . .just sort of slow-like. Slow like a cowboy loping slowly across the plains of West Texas looking for a li'l dogie to rope. Why cowboys rope li'l dogies is beyond me, but that's they're business. It's their job. Like mine is to blow up coal and coke samples to determine caking characteristics and trace mineral content. Part of me always wanted to be a cowboy, I just hated cowboy boots. Can one be a cowboy with hiking boots? I have a really nice pair of Asolo's I wore when hiking on volcanoes in Hawai'i. And yes, this is how you spell Hawai'i. Native Hawai'i people speak with no diphthongs. Every vowel is pronounced. So when somebody tells you to go to Waimanaeia street, take a left at aioeu blvd, and go 3 blocks downs ohia-lehuia-oamanipaoli ave. It takes a while. I just remembered there's a spaghetti squash in my refrigerator that needs cooked soon. And for that I need meat, as I already have the pasta sauce and spices, which means I will be going to Wal-Mart later. Always going to Wal-mart. It's a weekly ritual. And it is 5 minutes away. And open 24 hours. 7 days a week. This Saturday will be 07-07-07, and according to the black guy I worked with last night who looks like a Kenyan tribal chief but is really from Chicago and has a degree in chemistry, it will be a most popular day for weddings. Prolly a good luck thing. My dead grand-mother never believed in luck and always told me so. She also never called deviled eggs. . .deviled eggs. I asked her if I could call them bedeviled eggs and she made me cut a switch from one of the bushes in the backyard. She beat me with that switch. And it stung like I don't know what. My headache is a little bit less now. The tea is starting to perform it's magic but I'm still typing slow. I need coffee creamer.

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