13 February 2008

Life after Bracton

Now that I'm in Belbury. . .on Valentine's Day Eve. . .sans Jane. . .I do hope the end comes soon.

I had an extraordinarily vivid dream last night about the future of America. I was riding in a van full of bloggers, people's blogs I read, and we were somewhere in the mid-west. . .a flat place, like North Dakota or Kansas, and tornadoes were literally forming before our very eyes. There was a new one created every minute. . .with winds far exceeding the natural. And two thoughts crossed my mind,

1-this is very interesting, and

2-are you getting this on camera (to a girl in the back of the bus holding a camera)

Sometimes in Life, one must stir people up, or act a little crazy, to attain a desired goal. This is one reason why Moses went to Pharaoh.

Sometimes God will stir up people to get you out of a bad situation. The key is maintaining your sanity (and tongue) until the proper time.

Easier for some than others. It's the people with lotsa patience that speak softly and carry big sticks that one must watch.

Another dream I had. In a room filled with evil spirits and fallen men, they perceived me as a black panther. I was thirsty and couldn't speak, so I growled at them. The men got frightened and the evil spirits left.

Some people, very very few people, are like wild animals. . .like cheetahs. You think you can tame them, and honestly believe that they are tame if one keeps them in a cage with plenty food and water. And try to make them fat and sleepy.

Inevitably, somebody with little sense starts messing with the. . .tame. . .cheetah. Then, for no apparent reason, the cheetah turns on the foolish man and smacks his head a good one. And no human, especially a stupid one, stands a chance fighting a full-grown cheetah. It's simple see. You are fighting the cheetah on his terms, not yours.

Some people would be wise not to mess with things that they have no business messing with. Patience is a virtue, but usually has a finite limit.

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