28 April 2008


Man is a unique creature that spends his entire life being caught in a tug-of-war between morphing into an animal or changing into something super-natural.

(I am using the word 'man' here in the generic sense. If this offends anyone, I am not sorry. You should stop reading here and go watch MTV or old Michael Jackson videos on YouTube.)

Most people are turning into Mr. Hyde, a card-carrying member of the dark side of the universe. The rest are turning into something like the elves of Middle-Earth. . .without the pointy ears.

Nobody is caught in neutral for very long. I must imagine what it would have been like to observe Eve the moment she bit into the apple. I wonder if the serpent got happy. . .do serpents even smile? They don't seem to have much of an expression, unlike dogs and cats.

Something I find interesting in Genesis is how Adam takes it for granted that serpents can talk. . .or at least communicate. Personally, if my wife came home and told me she spent the afternoon conversing with a serpent, I would treat her with a great deal of respect, pat her on the head, and keep her out of the public eye lest she start striking up conversations with, oh, say squirrels.

Man was probably meant to train the animals into acquiring speech. . .or some other form of communication. . .so that the two species could converse and perhaps exchange ideas. . .or sensations.

Animals left on their own tend to become barbaric and go extinct. Man is no exception. Men, left to their natural desires, naturally begin to revert to mere animals. So, it should not be surprising when we see mobs roaming the streets and looting stores after floods and earthquakes, engaging in non-marital sex, eating as much as possible, or a thousand other things. It's only natural. To expect somebody that has given himself over to the Hyde nature to understand and comprehend the super-natural is akin to expecting one's German Shepherd to understand driving.

This is one reason why Rome fell into barbarism and why manners are important.

In a society populated by a majority of supernatural-evolving people, most laws are understood implicitly. People don't look for loopholes, nor should they, as the Natural Law need not be explained. It is part of their nature not to torture babies and marry the same gender-if this is even possible.

An increasingly litigious society is a flashing warning sign of a crumbling society.

I should mention when I say 'supernaturally-evolving,' I do not mean most attribute any unexplained phenomena to gods, demons, spirits, or fate. What I mean is a people going through Life doing what their intuition tells their mind to do with their bodies inevitably following after. Since their intuition is on the same wavelength with the God who created everything from Logic to Creativity.

Evil people are dull. Have you noticed?

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