22 April 2008

The offal stink of the 2-headed beast from Hillobama

. . .did not cease as of the 15th, when I mailed my gal Iris a letter that made me weep. Every April, she'd give me a gift delivered by snails, but not this time around. For as I drove to the office, A. Picket Sine met me proclaiming 'Free Stamps.' Mr. Stamps must have not paid his dues and now sits in a cold, dark, dank, dungeon cursing Gates. Allen wrenches his heart of steel and. . .I should really limit my caffeine intake.

I have been thinking about the Ideal Gas Law and prophecy.

When one has a few million atoms at their disposal, one can generally predict their behavior at standard temperature and pressure. Especially, if they are low atomic weight atoms like Hydrogen. Individual atoms seem to have a life of their own, something like free-will, and somehow seem to know the existence of every other Hydrogen atom which is a little freaky if one thinks about it. Nevertheless, the single and double-slit experiments done in physics labs all over this planet confirm this as a fact of nature.

Populations of humans seem to act as Hydrogen gas en masse as well. So, it makes sense that when the population of a group of people is large enough, one can predict what they will do given the right circumstances. . .even though the individuals have free-will.

The analogy is not perfect, but I think that their is a correlation between all the natural laws of chemistry and physics and all the supernatural laws of nature.

It's true that one cannot really measure a supernatural event as they're not exactly able to be empirically tested over and over again as scientists would love to do.


kludge said...

How 'Hari Seldon' of you. Psychohistory with Hydrogen

Jason said...

I've yet to read Hari and his philosophy, but I have heard of it.

kludge said...

A great read...

If you like Asimov. It fairly dry, with lots of dialog.

Very interesting SF though