05 May 2008

Moanbak S’mores

A visitor to West Virginia will be surprised to learn that moanbak s’mores are not edible, unlike, say squirrels.

Moanbak s’mores are what we say when giving directions to Bob the beer truck driver.

It’s like a chant.

Moanbak. . .moanbak. . .moanbak. . .s’more
Moanbak. . .moanbak. . .moanbak. . .s’more
Moanbak. . .moanbak. . .moanbak. . .s’more

Then, we spit.


Don’t be.

Squirrels, btw, do not taste like chicken. Opossums on the other hand. . .

And now. . .some wisdom:

When working in a chemistry lab, if one has two machines that measure the same parameter, one would expect them to yield similar results on the same sample. Right? Nope, doesn’t happen. Entropy, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and gremlins will see this does not occur. However, (and this is where the wisdom comes in,) if one’s results are wrong, but consistent, one can insert a correction factor to account for the not-working-like-it-should-machine.

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