31 May 2008

A Moving Picture Show

While shaving under the influence of coffee and humming a song concerning rhombuses at precisely 6 AM, I received a revelation about God concerning calculus, the 4th dimension, and boluses (circles.)

No, I wasn't smoking anything.

It's amazing what the mind thinks of on precious little sleep.

The reason you ask?

I'm moving again. Tomorrow really. At least I hope so. It's not actually official yet, but I've a verbal commitment. Which is good. . .considering the lease is up in 3 and 1/2 hours. . .officially.

Did I mention how incredibly tired I am right now? Not even sure why or what exactly I'm typing here. Someday I'll read what I wrote and wonder why. Anyways, boluses.

Or circles. A circle rotating around it's axis as observed 4-dimensionally is really a globe. If it's rotating fast enough, it is for all practical purposes, a globe in 3-dimensions. But when you look at it, it still looks like a circle. . .and this is because the human eye can only see one plane of an object at one instant of time. The universe is a very much more interesting place when observed from, say, a 10-dimensional viewpoint. Something that just popped into my mind. . .humans are ephemeral creatures that literally are just blurbs on the screen of ultimate reality. Does Jason really think this? Yes and no. The part of humans that is composed of matter says yes, but the part of Jason that is composed of non-material matter says no. A materialists should be concerned, however. For a materialist, if they actually do believe in materialism, and I really don't think that's possible-for there are some things a person simply cannot not know-their existence must constantly be in a state of flux. If their hand gets chopped off, are they the same person? A materialist, if one carries their argument to it's logical conclusion, must say no. In fact, a materialist must always be a different person from the one they were a second ago, since atoms are constantly coming and going to their body. But the thing is-they will tell you you are confused if you tell them this-or accuse you of playing on words.

Let's see here. Click on 'publish post' Jason while you're still awake.

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