14 May 2008


My favorite number and, no, I'm not being irrational.

Billy was a chemist,
now he is no more.

Cause when he drank some H20
was really H2SO4.


The soul is an amazing part of man. It never forgets. Never. It's intrinsically impossible.

It's been said when a person dies, all their memories come flooding forth.

So, what really happens?

I think all these stored memories are being faxed to another, more concrete, existence. Into a higher dimensional world. I don't know how everything is stored. Perhaps the brain stockpiles this informatin in the form of matter and as it exits the body at death, this flooding forth of memories is the observance of mass changing into energy.


Or rather,

(Kinetic Energy-Potential Energy) is interconvertible with matter (multiplied by the square of the speed of light.)

Since at subluminal velocities, light speed is negligible, all we observe is matter. . .the touchable stuff.

The memories are stored by a certain arrangement of atoms-you're stockpiling potential (non-moving) energy and at death it is released as kinetic (moving) energy into another, more real, world and reassembling it into a more real person.

Sort of like DNA works.

After all, don't all natural laws foreshadow all spritual laws?

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