10 November 2008


A bad government is better than no government. For in a country with no government, the people run around doing their own thing-chasing cars, biting tires, causing riots, stealing food from the neighbors garden-just mass anarchy and chaos.

Slavery, bad as it is, is even better than no government. For in slavery, you really don't have to think for yourself. You just work all the time and share what you earned with all the others. There's the constant surveillance, invasion of privacy, community gatherings and community projects. No questioning the authorities, just do-as-your-told.

"We'll do the thinking for you," says the landlord.

On a slave plantation, all the slaves really do little thinking. Or rather, thinking is discouraged. On a plantation. . .we'll call it Amerika. . .to discourage thinking the landlord usually controls what the slaves read, what they watch, and keeps them busy all the time to keep them occupied and weary. Because as all slave owners know-a tired and overfed slave can be ruled quite easily and made to do things they really wouldn't do on their own.

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