12 November 2008

Dem Lemming Syndrome

Once upon a time not very long ago for those with a long memory and in a strange land not far away for people with big feet,

there lived a crooked man,
who walked a crooked mile,
with a crooked friend,
who spewed hate and bile.

I had a dream of two men walking on the left shoulder of a dirty road. In the dream, the two were discussing something called Dem Lemming Syndrome and it went something like this.

"When everyone thinks alike, nobody is really thinking. Fortunately, for the masses we can select a chief to think for us. Having a thinker-in-chief will give us more time for community get-togethers. Besides, thinking is such hard work. Who has time for it?"

"Life, you should know, should be one fun activity after another. Nothing but fun, fun, fun. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. Eat, drink, sleep, mate-be happy, happy, happy."

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."


"Yes, it it is that time of the year again."

"Everything falling to the ground is rather pretty is it not?"


"Everybody must be tolerant. Everyone must tolerate everyone else who thinks alike. Anyone who thinks for himself is intolerable and must be mocked. For how can our culture remain stable and together with people doing their own thing?"


At this point, I woke up and noticed I was ridiculously thirsty. I drank a large cup of water and promptly fell asleep again.

More of the this dreamy conversation will be coming. . .

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