20 November 2008

Big Brother OBama

4 November 2008. Sometimes known as Election Day in America. 63 million people voted for a Socialist. My truck's odometer turned over 66,666 miles that day. . .no lie. I hope that's not apocalyptic. Americans want change. Change. Something different. I think they want something different, but they're going about it the wrong way. There is a right way, of course. Formally called The Way. People should should look into the manner. There would be less confusion and more change than they could ever manage on their own. People say they can do it on their own and to an extent they can, but we all need help. More than government help too. Even more than human help. It will be easy to see how the Anti-Christ will deceive the world. It was easy for Obama to deceive America. . .with a little help from his friends. I don't Obama is the Anti-Christ. Somehow I think the Anti-Christ will be smarter, which is not to say Obama is dumb. I'm sure he's very intelligent. I think Obama is a tool of the Spirit of the Age to forcibly usher in the New World Order, and I say this not because Jason is a conspiracy theorist, but for other reasons. Conspiracy theorists are not my favorite people though they do make interesting points at times.

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