26 March 2009



by me.

Everyone should be equally poor or rich and look alike, dress alike, think alike, speak alike. . .etc. Soon, they'll be giving us all numbers instead of names. Numbering people, see, treating them like machines, makes them easier to keep track of, control, and manipulate.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

Don't you know that an authoritarian government operates best under these conditions? How can one expect there to be ORDER in society with everyone doing they're own thing!
Change can be hard, I know, but we all must contribute to the equality of society.

I'm off to the doctor's office now. I'm making a brain donation to the Have Nots. So don't be surprised if my comments start tobecomerandom generizzzed, and inkoherentt in the FuTuREE. OKAy???


kludge said...

I am equally scared.

Equality is achieved from the overall lowing of society to a common level, never the raising of it.

I hope I'm #125

Jason Michael Parrish said...

#125 is a good number. I'm requesting pi. That way I'll have time to move to Canada and change my name to Greybeard Longstockings before the computers get to the end of it.