07 April 2009

New Vieux

OK. So I haven't been writing much lately. Actually I have, but not here. Most of it has been in a little black book from the skin of a dead reptile. (I'm pretty sure the reptile was a fake.) I promise to write more soon. Very soon.

(5 minutes later)

Back. What has Puddleglum been up to? Working, working, working, and working. Sometimes I've managed to sleep and dream about drowning or driving an SUV along a river during flooding and being overcome by water when the road washes out. Am I scared in the dreams? No, I find it mildly amusing and quite interesting. Am I fearful about the economy? Nope. Another thing that is mildy amusing. I expected the economy to go bad. Too many moochers mooching inevitably leads to chaos. Next, there will come the food shortage crisis. After that will come more government interference. And after that, will come something like marshall law and a new system of government. Just like ancient Rome, it's nothing new.

If you're still interested, I pulled exactly two white hairs from the right side of my head this morning and didn't feel the least fearful in doing so. Hmm. . .what else. I spent some time filming the little grey squirrels in my backyard. There are 5 total and very young. I think their parents got ran over or eaten by the neighbor's cat because these little furry creatures don't act like normal squirrels. The spent a great deal of time chasing one another around the big oak and wrestling. Then they crawl up the tree and sleep, letting their paws droop so that they look all the world like they're dead.

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