16 May 2009

1984-A Stream of Consciousness

One score and five years ago, 1984 was postponed due to the moral capital stored from previous generations. 2009 is now here and it looks more and more like 1984 all the time, as the Capitol has apparently left town. Some people are optimistic about the now, but most are pessimistic. The optimistic ones, I've noticed, are the ones cloistered in the academian towers living off government research grants, and those pesky Christian people, the real ones, while the rest of society gets gloomier and gloomier day by never ending day. "Whatever happened?". . .or should I say, "Whad Up?" (to conform with the rest of society.) Strangeness. We seem to have forgotten that a proper society needs to be, has to have, the majority of its citizens believing in God, absolute morals, virtues, whatever is Noble, Just, Pure, etc. in order to live and progress. This hasn't happened. As a result, the State becomes the New Idol, complete with warship services and religious-like behavior, and it's citizens fall more and more under totalitarian control overseen by the One, the Big Brother, and his blind followers-we'll call them collectively the Abomination. Maybe not, somebody will think I'm mocking the Obama nation, anyways. Back to reality. When people say they want equality, what they really mean is conformity. When people say they want freedom, they really mean is they want to gratify their immediate sensual needs as they rationalize it by saying, "nobody gets hurt." But society does get hurt. Society never reaches it's potential when people do what they want to do. Once we had the Age of Reason. Was it really reasoning that people did? I think when people say they reason, they really just rationalize their actions, and reasoning and rationalizing are not synonyms. To reason correctly, one must base one's decisions on absolutes, not subjective feelings. Rationalizing is what you do when you get caught with your hands in the cookie jar. This is one reason why lawyers are commonplace. Can such people as 'normal' exist in a society where everyone does as they feel? After all, if what we do is what is in our genes, then we mustn't have any control over our actions. And normal is what the majority of us do. The concept of Right and Wrong becomes meaningless, and abnormal is what we call the minority. Ah, but suppose there was a group of people who based their lives on moral absolutes, then what? In a totalitarian society, it makes no sense to punish the abnormal ones. How do you punish somebody for doing what is innate? You cannot. It's meaningless. No Right, no Wrong, no punishment, no prison, no Guantanamo Bay for you. Somehow, I think I'm beginning to see what goes on in a liberal mind. Punishment is bad, or un-bad, or. . .what? What you can do is help the abnormal ones become normal by hospitalizing them in truth centers. Isn't this what the Soviets did? Hmmm. . .maybe we'll call them psychoadaptation centers run by the government and the tax money generated by the smart people. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Eat, drink, sleep around, be merry, for tomorrow we may die of Swine Flu. I here the sound of barbarians coming. There seem to be more of those savages running around.

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