04 May 2009

Swine Flu



You should be. Mad Pig Disease is here and the pigs are unhappy. Now the Sus domestica are exacting their revenge for years of eating bacon, pork rinds, and ham-burgers.

Ham-burgers-another subtle way of taunting the smelly ungulates. I'm not sure if its actual taunting or not. . .it MAY just be one of the symptoms of MPD. . .we'll call it Whine Flu. The pigs claim it's our nature to taunt and jeer. Sort of like calling those holes in space-Black Holes. Racism, you know. Pure and simple.

I did some reading about pigs and found that when severely stressed, pigs will eat their own young. Sort of like those turn of the century Chicago gangsters- George "Bugs" Moran, Johnny "The Fox" Torrio, Al Capone. The ones everybody swooned, and crooned, and made movies about. The Hogthrobs of America.

Amazing how history repeats itself

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