11 May 2009

Freedom and Form

You know I need somebody.
Not just anybody.

It's almost funny how The One needs God and Jesus to go with his Change, and how swiftly he needs it. He also needs a swift kick in the behind for a change.

Change is inevitable-one of those things you know will happen, and the more one tries to stop it, the quicker it comes when the clog is removed. This is true for governments and toilets. Just ask anyone from the former Soviet Union or Eastern bloc countries. When Change is slow, society tries to fit the new into the old ways of doing things, bad things happen. Like putting new wine into old wine skins, something is bound to burst at the seams. When governments, businesses, industries, church denominations insist on doing things the ways things have always been done-for no apparent reason except fear-creativity is stifled, technology slows, people dress like grandpa, people turn crusty, dry, stagnant, and sleepy. In time, the frustrated Young get restless and chaotic. The churning continues until the boiling point, at which time chaos and anarchy spring forth. . .the Sixties in America was a bursting at the seams kind of thing.

What then do the anarchists do with their new found freedom? Lots of things, some good, some bad, but very interesting to watch. Rockets are interesting to watch too, but sometimes they explode if not guided. Like it or not, Woodstock had some very creative music. Unfortunately, nothing but trash remained and the New York farm looked like the town dump. This is why freedom always has, and always will, need to follow a form. Freedom without order always leads to nothing but ideology. And while ideology sounds good, there's not much you can do with it except make neat slogans and quirky bumper stickers like 'Make Love, not War.'

In order for a society to grow properly, two things are needed.

Freedom-the right to do good without fear of retribution or government interference.


Form-something that will be discussed in the next blog entry

Freedom is not 'what I want to do as long as nobody else get hurt.' If you think about it, somebody will ALWAYS get hurt if this is what freedom actually is.

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