13 February 2010

I ♥ Global Warming

Hawai'i is the lone holdout-so far.

(Yes, Hawai'i IS spelled correctly.)

49/50 states currently have snow on the ground. Meteorologist aren't sure if this has ever happened since the last ice age. The AP says (I'm paraphrasing) this is merely an outlier and a unique weather event. Overall, the climate is still experiencing a human-induced warming trend and the chance of another Snowmageddon is extremely rare. I'm not sure I believe most meteorologists as one the the underlying assumptions they make concerning the Earth's current climate is a belief in Uniforitarianism-which states that climate tends to stay relatively constant over millions of years. Yet anyone with common sense and a tiny knowledge of geology knows this is clearly not the case.

Perhaps we should blame the gods and make the Goracle repent for preaching the inconvenient truth.

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