16 February 2010

Year of the Tiger: Day 2

Ever get the feeling that Life as we know know it is really a type of virtual reality in relation to a more real existence called real life?

I think this is a pretty good explanation of reality as it explains a lot of things that make no logical sense. Hormones and drugs (the same things really) make people do irrational things, but these are generally expected when partakes of strange substances. This also explains why women, being more intuitive and complex than men, are more in tune with something generically called Spirituality. Their virtual reality machinery is more fine-tuned to pick-up the subtle nuances, the quantum state changes in matter, that make-up the universe.

Does this sound New-Agey? Probably. But if one looks at the history of humanity, one cannot help but notice that everything seems to unfold like a well-written book composed by a super-intellect.


kludge said...

Women, just like to think they're more in tuned. Or that they have some female instinct that men lack. Most men have just learned not to listen to their instincts (mine are all bad advice anyway) :)

Jason Michael Parrish said...

My instincts tell me to listen to women and do what they (my instincts) tell me to do.

I listen to the women but not always to my instincts as sometimes they're not in agreement which leaves my rationality to make the decision. This works well with work stuff but not so well when something people-oriented is involved.