14 January 2014

I 'heart' weird people

It never pays to debate a cryptozoologist, even if the expert has a ‘doctor’s degree’ from a cutting-edge cryptozoological research center…one accredited by the Society of Supranormal Research…and located somewhere deep in the heart of the mysterious Bayou.

I enjoy reading about Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster sightings. I also enjoy reading about the adventures of Frodo Baggins. But, after a hundred years of alleged sightings, mysterious footprints, and unexplained ripples, one should expect to see some actual footage of the beasts. Yes-some actual documentation would be good.

Note: documentation is not a letter from one Mary Beth Clara Lee Sara Bell who writes,

“I jest know’d it was the monster. I seeeeeeen it wit my own eyes and Glory be, I’ll never be a doubter agin!”

This is not evidence. To do so is insulting to bona fide researchers and English teachers everywhere. What this IS evidence of is a poorly misguided soul who needs to get out of the trailer park more often.

Extinct Icthyosaurs and hirsute humanoids make great stories and entertain the masses until tears flow and emotions run high. But sometimes wanting to believe in cryptozoans, and sometimes even seeing cryptozoans through your mind’s eye during an altered state of consciousness, does not mean your belief is congruent with Reality.

Reality is consistent, it doesn’t change. When one’s belief system fails to reflect Reality, it doesn’t mean the facts are wrong. It means the belief system is flawed and should be examined closely to discover why nothing ever happens the way one think it should happen.
Here are some cryptozoologists performing research.

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