15 May 2006

Circadian Cycles

Biologists and other strange people tell us that we operate on circadian cycles. There are times of the day that we do certain things best. Like thinking. Your brain is most active around sunset. You're also at your physically strongest...most track and field records have been broken at this time. This also corresponds to the highest core body temperature.

At 300-400 AM, your core body temperature is at a low point and is no surprise that this is when most people are sound asleep. So, I'm thinking since I work midnight shift, my c-cycles must be really messed up. This afternoon, when I was sleeping, I dreampt that I was picking baseball-sized strawberries. They were everywhere...piled in boxes on front porches, by the side of the road, just lying around the malls on the floor. I haven't eaten a strawberry in a year, so you can imagine my disappointment when, while at the store today, the strawberries I saw were...um...strawberry-sized.

I've noticed something peculiar about my brain. I'm 31ish, and it takes me a tiny bit longer to grasp how some things work...but that once I know how they work, I don't forget how. It's as if my memory is increasing. My language skills seem to be improving as well. And it still erks me to no end when I see a mis-spelled word. I cringe and stare it like it's some kind of overripe squash.

When I was a little boy, large yellow squash used to bother me. Why??? Don't know. Something about it's extreme knottiness...like it had warts. Troll food. Trolls eat overlarge yellow squash. Can't you just see them? Three old knotty warty trolls under a bridge at night gnawing on Farmer John's stolen squash. Juice running down their faces...grubby hands...bad teeth...trolls scratching themselves...greasy old trolls with paunches...Disgusting.

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