08 May 2006

El Ocho de Mayo

Hmm...let me see...I have been away for awhile.

Small headache at work today. Fortunately, we've a soda machine here (or pop machines as they're called in some parts of the country). A coke costs exactly 60 cents. I have the exact change...pennies not included. I feed the coke machine my hard earned money only to have it spt out a dime.

3 times. I discovered a had a mutilated dime. I think these machines work by how much the coin weighs. This dime had the edges sawed off. Not only that, it looked as if somebody with waaaaayyyy too much time on their hands actually sliced the dime in two halves...not sideways like your average currency defacer, but actually cut it in 2 along the skinny side.

The coin never worked, sooo after a mad search through my car and one chemistry lab, I found no other dimes. Went to Wendy's (OK so I was desperate) and got change.

And finally, got the coke. I should also mention that this particular machine takes one dollar bills. It does NOT, however, give you anything back in exchange...except a headache.

What else has been happening here at the lab??? The other night a 3-year-old boy carting an orange plastic gun wandered in at 10 PM. Never saw the little guy before in my life. Thinking that I was te only one in the building this came as a bit of a shock, since little boys don't generally wander into chemistry labs at night. I found out he belonged to one of the janitors in another part of the building.

The same little man was seen riding a mop bucket like a cowboy some time later.

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