22 May 2006

My soon-to-be-new roomate

My sister. . .not the dog. . .is coming to stay with me. What do I think of this??? Not sure. About dogs: Dogs and other furry creatures are generally not welcome in any dwelling place of Yours Truly. Much as I appreciate all God's creatures great and small and furry, there is a time and place for everybody. My opinion is that since they have so much fur, they should stay outside. Of course, one may well ask about the non-furry beasts of the world. . . like birds. Birds are cool if they sing or talk and promise to stay in their cage. Something like an emu. . .well. . .I can just picture and emu sharing my place with me. Not a good idea, especially when breakfast rolls around and Jason's frying omelelets. I heard on NPR about a family that has a pet horse that stays IN THE HOUSE. Again. . .it's the furry animal thing. . .just don't see it happening here.

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