16 August 2006



You've got to love them. That's my stumbling block. I'm terribly logical and try to rationalize everything. Spontaneity is good, but I have to plan it. But of course faith doesn't work that way, nor women. God wants us to be at least a little spontaneous. He hates boredom. Mediocrity. Something I detest with passion. Man is a fascinating creature with endless possibilities to create and invent. I see most of my friend's lives and observe. After 25 years on Earth, mediocrity sets in. They become set in their ways; their hearts harden and loves becomes cold. They fear. Change bothers them, as they mosey through life in humdrum fashion. 'What might have been' could be the story of man. But this is wrong, unnatural, the result of the fall in the garden...I feel a rotisserie chicken fit coming on. Will someone help me?

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kludge said...

sure, I'll have a leg.

God wants us to use our brains, or He would have filled our heads with other things, like more spleens. But of course your right, faith isn't always logical, and women never seem to be!