03 August 2006

Hooded Bandits

Doctors scare me.


I’ll tell you.

How would you feel if your one and only mother lay sick and injured with a HOLE in her body that should not be there. A HOLE mind you. A HOLE inflicted by strangers. Men in masks...masks to conceal their identity for their deeds are evil. Men who shun the light and hate the truth.

Hooded Bandits.

Armed with sharp knives. . .and. . .and daggers that pierce, and slice, and slash.


And what do these bloodthirsty savages do to this lonely forlorn creature? They entice her with sly words, lure her with golden tongues. Take her to a dark room. Give her drugs...narcotics...mind-altering hallucinogenic chemicals to numb her mind and induce forgetfulness.

And then...(I can hardly bring myself to say it)...they...these beasts...(sniff, sniff)...← tears of pain.

These cold-hearted SAVAGES slice into the very flesh of her body! They rippppp her skin, flay her with knives, drawing blood, scarring her for life. They have no mercy...they hack, and hew, and rip, and bite, and tear, and remove a hunk...of...her...flesh. Then...(more weeping)...after carving her like a Thanksgiving turkey?...they TOSS the very body part into a trash can to hide the evidence! That’s what they do.

Of course, they merely call it an appendectomy.

Now. My mother. This poor, sweet, innocent, little lady with twinkling eyes, with a gash, a wound. . .a festering wound, a hole in her body...an unnatural orifice that beckons germs, bacteria, fire ants, (who KNOWS what else???)...lay curled up in the fetal position alone.

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