18 August 2006

Jack and Buck

I have-in my possession-a cassette tape of a one Mister Clive Staples Lewis giving a speech on the four loves. I do not remember exactly where I procured this little audio treasure. I believe I found it online.

The voice: is not what I expected it to sound like. Intuitively,this was known. You read everything someone has written-and then-hear them speak for the first time, and it's never quite what you expect. He sounds exactly how he writes, but I prefer the book version instead.

Uncle Buck:

Ever see the movie? I have an Uncle Buck. Yep. Tis true. In my biological family, there is a man who is classified as an uncle in relation to me, and his name is Buck. Actually, he's my great-uncle Buck, but I still call him

Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck has long curly red hair and a pointy red beard. Uncle Buck rides a Harley and smokes a pipe. Uncle Buck always wears blue jeans. Uncle Buck lives in the mid-west and can play a banjo. Uncle Buck does not wear ties-he wears bolos. Uncle Buck likes to bowl.

Uncle Buck


panzer commander said...

Puddleglum's wigwam.... Cool. Puddleglum, thats from lloyd alexander, right? I was just comin along (by the next blog thing) and your blog seems pretty cool. my blog is www.johnyoest.blogspot.com.

Jason said...

Nope. It's not lloyd. It's C.S.Lewis. He wrote a book called 'The Silver Chair.' You should read it.

panzer commander said...

Oh, I read the whole Narnia series(before the movie came out too.) I also read a series by Lloyd Alexander and I get them mixed up alot.