30 October 2006

It would take 136.5 cans of Red Bull to kill me. . .

. . .According to this web site. You too can see how many cans of energy drinks it takes to kill you.

I came home from work last night at 230 AM and found a donkey in my living room. More later.

The above photo should give non-Va residents some idea of how many people how many people live in Tidewater, Virginia. Which reminds me, this apartment has a working fireplace. Hmm, perhaps I'll have a book burning.

Fire attracts guys. I don't know why. When you go camping, and it gets dark, you can always tell who the guys are. They're the ones poking the embers, tossing crickets in the flames, and burning marshmellows. Women, except tomboys, never actually eat burnt marshmellows. This is, (pay attention ladies), this is because burning marshmellows make great torches to look for crickets and fire-poking sticks.

The men, of course, always eat meat. Hot dogs, hamburgers, shish kabobs, etc. . .again-it's a hunter/gatherer thing.

Hmm. What else?


Definition: Gandhi.

The cold has left VA Beach. That's all for now folks.


kludge said...

Love it!

Luckly being a Mt Dew fiend I can have 347 cans. Plus I think I weigh more.

I love fire... and meat, and just roast marshmellows to whatch them burn.

I used to go to school with a kid named Marshall Mellow... He was ripped...I never called him marshmellow but wanted to...

Jason said...

Marshall mellow???

Did he get beat up a lot?

kludge said...

Maybe in grade school. I imagine that is why he bulked up. When I knew him he was in great shape, and I would sooner have spit in supermans eye than taunt Marshall.